A Duck for Sarah Morgan

Dad left me in the coffee shop at lunch time. He obviously wanted to do something without me. Oh well. I look around and spy a toy shop. I smile. I don’t know how long dad will be, but I’m sure he can find me if he needs to.

I walk along the isles until I find what I’m looking for; teething rings. There’s a bright yellow duck one that I just know Sarah Morgan would love. I can even afford it, if I don’t eat lunch. I’m not that hungry anyway.

I make my purchase then go back to the coffee shop. I sigh, only enough for a small iced chia, without my normal shot of peppermint. Oh well. I have to say my order twice so the lady can hear me. Dad shows up just as I pay the bill.

From there we went to buy equipment. I guess there’s physical fitness involved or something, and fighting. I hate fighting. Maybe it’s self-defense, I feel much better with that term. Choices are pretty easy to make. Dad points me to what I need, and there’s normally only one thing that will catch my eye.

I’m amazed at that. Normally, when my Mom or Grandma have taken me shopping, nothing catches my eye. Then I have to let them fuss while they figure out what I should get. Mom was always worse than Grandma. Grandma always went with function, like I do. Mom always considered fashion.

Once we were home we did more connecting with nature, but no physical training. There wasn’t much time before dinner anyway. I was tempted to go to sleep right after dinner. Shopping always takes so much out of me; just being around all those people. But I had promised Gloria I’d hang out with her and Sarah Morgan. But first…


“Yes Morgan?”

“Do think there’s any way I could put like, I don’t know, um, soothing properties on a teething ring for Sarah Morgan?”

Dad looks at me and scratches his head. “I don’t know Morgan, that’s not my area of expertise.”

“Oh,” I was bummed. A teething ring was good, but I’d wanted to make this one special, something to help Sarah Morgan sleep at night so Gloria could get her rest too.

“Well let’s see what we can do.” Dad put an arm around me. “We’ll use your talent and my knowledge and come up with something. Now where is this teething ring?” I grin and pull it out of the small bag. “Ah so that’s what was hiding in there. Not something for Ash then?”

 “N, no.” I know I’m blushing. Dad ruffles my head and chuckles.

“Alright, let’s go see about getting that teething ring set.”

Dad rummages through some of his bags and pulls an herb out of it. “Okay, let go sit outside so we don’t smell the place up.”

We sat out in the sun. Dad sat on the ground cross legged. I took up the same position facing him. He set the herb down. “Put the teething ring on top.” I did so. “Take my hands. Now, close your eyes and connect.” Connecting was becoming easier every time I did it. “Now bring your focus to the herb and teething ring.”

That was the hard part. The herb was easy enough to sense, but the teething ring was a bit odd. After all it was manmade, not natural. Eventually I got it. I could feel my Dad leading and helping me. “Now you need to gently fuse the two.”

“Fuse them?”

“Gently fuse them.”

I take a deep breath and let it out. This is for Sarah Morgan, my little name sake. I can do this.

“You can do this Morgan.”

Slowly I urge the herb to merge in with the teething ring. It sinks in through the plastic to the sterile water inside. I think the water likes that. Water doesn’t like to be sterile. I giggle and open my eyes. Dad looks down at the ring. “Well done, Morgan.”

I grin as I pick it up. It smells slightly but I can tell it will work wonders for little Sarah Morgan.

The End

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