Steady Hand-break

Morgan came running down the corridor bright red. She obviously didn't see me as she came crashing straight into me. I steadied her before she fell.

"I'm so sorry dad." She started to apologise going even redder than she already was. She had just come out of Ash's room. I raised an eyebrow and asked why she was so red. She stammered "I .. um.. I just fell" Before quickly changing the subject. Maybe she wasn't just a caring healer spending that much time with him.

She again ran off to grab her stuff. This time looking where she was going. I stormed up to Ash's room. I glared through the window at him. He didn’t look like much lying there in his hospital clothes. A mess of broken limbs and scars. I realised I now had no idea what to do. I hadn’t grown up with my daughter being a perfect little baby, I hadn’t met her first boyfriends or gotten any idea about how to talk/threaten one. I remembered how Serena’s father had acted towards me. He had been intimidating, asked me awkward questions and generally been rather threatening. I already look threatening enough. He must be a brave boy if he wants to see her despite that.

He sees me through the window and slowly meets my stare. He stops his eyes wavering as much as he can and attempts to keep his face in one expression. I would need to think about how to do the whole 'Big bad father' routine. For now I would be nice. Well as nice as I could fake.

"How are you doing Ash?" I shook his hand Rather forcefully but he managed to stop himself wincing in pain.

"Getting better." He shrugged "Morgan’s got me making these little paper crane things." He pointed to a pile of very badly made origami cranes.

I laughed before picking a piece of un-mutated paper up and folding it into the shape of a bird of paradise flower. "I'd rather do that than go shopping for her this afternoon."

He sniggered at me but stopped as soon as he saw how seriously I hate shopping. "I'd swap with you but I can't." He pointed down at himself. I hated to pry but I couldn't help wondering why the hell he had actually been fighting that daemon. If he even thought of endangering my daughter I would rip his body limb from limb. My curiosity for exactly why he had been caught up with that daemon would have gotten the better of me if I hadn't heard Morgan coming back down the corridor with her bag and shopping list.

I shot Ash a pleading look and he just laughed. I would get him back for that.

“Oh and Ash. I trust you will be joining Morgan and I for physical training sessions when your better. I need someone to spar with.” I shot him an evil smile. Sure I quite liked Ash but if he couldn’t stand up to me he would be no way worth my daughter. I intended to put him to the test. Obviously I could beat him armed with nothing but a tissue but I would still respect him for trying.


We waved and thanked Gloria's uncle Ben for dropping us off in the nearest large shopping town. He had told me where to get what I needed before we left. I intended to make the shopping as quick as possible. Morgan however looked reluctant to go into the crowded, noisy shops on her own. I shuffled behind her as she began looking for a nurse uniform. She eventually settled herself on buying a light blue one and another light purple one. I left her in Starbucks for ten minutes while I bought some speciality items she would need for nature and spirituality training. I got back to the coffee house as she was paying the bill. My perfect timing once again. Now she needed the equipment for physical training. There would be one item we wouldn’t be able to get for a while but it wasn’t important right now. In the martial arts section of the small Buddhist shop she found a beautifully intricate lady’s training kenpogi and training outfit. I noticed a delicate sword mounted against a wall. It wasn’t for sale but after a little ‘persuasion’ and twenty dollars it suddenly was. I secretly boxed it before Morgan saw it. I wanted to make her faerie training a little mysterious. I had loved how my teacher made me feel like it was so mystical. I know I didn’t have time to put on a show for Morgan but everyone loves surprises right?

Luckily the trip didn’t take too long. Morgan was rather decisive for a woman. I still noticed I was the one who ended up carrying the multitude of bags. I noticed another bag in with the shopping that wasn’t mine. She must have bought it while I was sneaking the sword. I was so curious but I couldn’t look while she was still around. I still hadn’t quite decided what to do about Ash. Morgan is a strong girl who can look after herself but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make sure he’s worthy first, and boy I was not going to make it easy for him. I silently grinned as I could see myself throwing balls of fire at him to ‘test his agility’. He would be extremely lucky if he made it through unscathed.


The End

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