Waking Apology

I stand alone outside those doors. The doors that could restart the life I used to live. I had loved working with my mother. Would it be the same without her? I don’t think so, but I ought to try, for her sake.

I watch my feet as they carefully walk along the tiles lines through the hall. A myriad of questions flow through my mind. Will I eventually assist in any births? What could I possibly need to buy for my faerie training? Did I really share another dream with Ash last night?

Ash; my feet have led me to his room. I am standing by the window that looks in. I don’t think he’s seen me. His pile of cranes seems as small as it was last night. Stupid me, what was I thinking trying to get him to make paper cranes. And he’d good naturedly went along with it.

Any moment he’s going to turn and see me, so I need to either move on or go in. I don’t think I have a lot of time.

Breathe Morgan, for heaven sake breathe!

I step into the doorway. “Hi.”

Ash immediately turns to face me, that big grin on his face. “Hi.”

I can’t help but smile back at him. I hesitatingly take a step into the room. His eyes draw me in. Two more steps and his hand clasps mine.

“Did you want to help me make more cranes?” He tries to sound chipper, but holding his hand, I can sense he hates them. I shake my head.

My heart is pounding and doing utter flip flops. I’m standing right next to him now. “I,” my voice is soft. His eyes still mesmerize me. “I wanted to apologize for waking up.”

I close my eyes and wait for him to ask me what the hell I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure it was a shared dream, but I don’t have a hundred percent confidence.

Ash gives me a one arm hug. I relax into its warmth. “S'ok, I know how you feel," he says.

Love can be awkward. Did I just think love? Oh goodness. I’m pretty sure I’m blushing as I pull back.

“I’ve got to go shopping with Dad.” I wrinkle my nose. I hate shopping. All those crowds of people I don’t know pressing in on me. It’s worse than a bus. “Then I think I’ll probably do more training and I promised Gloria I’d hang out with her some tonight, so um.” I’m babbling and turning beet red.

“I’ll see you later.” I lean in to give Ash a quick hug. My cheek presses against his slightly before I let go and dash out of the room.

The End

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