Absent Friend

I walk slowly back to my room; time to get up and get dressed. I think I’m supposed to have orientation with the hospital today. Yesterday my Dad mentioned buying supplies for my training today. What kind of supplies do we need, I wonder.

I absently play with the water in the shower. I can’t quiet control it like I was in my dad’s room. I bet he was helping more than he said he was. Sneaky. I start to towel dry my hair then have a idea. I let my thoughts go to all water in my hair and ask them politely to leave.  It takes a little energy and concentration, but my hair is dry in five seconds. Wow, now that’s cool. I swear the water giggles with me.

I smile and then look at my clothing. I didn’t grab much. Then again I had no idea I was going to be here so long. The hospital will expect me to wear pants. I wrinkle my nose. I’d much rather wear flowing faerie skirts. I laugh at myself. I really am part faerie aren’t I?

I knock on Gloria’s door. “Come in,” her voice sounds weary. I slowly open the door an peak in.

“Her teeth are coming in.” Gloria says by way of explanation as she walks and rocks Sarah Morgan. I gently take the toddler from her arms. Gloria’s obviously been carrying her most of the night. I stroke each cheek gently with my finger. I can tell that her first year molars just broke through.

“She’ll sleep now,” I tell Gloria as I gently lay Sarah Morgan back on her bed. “You should too.”

“Thanks Morgan.” Gloria has flopped on her bed.

“I’ve been a horrible friend haven’t I?” I sit down next to her, realizing I haven't really visited with her. She looks at me shocked. “You and your aunt let us come here so Ash could get good care and all I’ve done is hang out with him. I haven’t spent nearly enough time with you, or Sarah Morgan.”

“It’s okay Morgan,” she gives me a tired smile. “It really is.”

I give her a hug. “We can hang out tonight, I promise. Right now get some sleep.” She nods. I tip toe out of the room, quietly closing the door.

Then I realize I completely forgot to ask if I could borrow some pants. So I go to my hospital orientation in a skirt. I’ll have to pick up nurse's outfits, or whatever they want me to wear when I go shopping with Dad. I have no clue how I’m going to pay for anything. Well at least if I work at the hospital I’ll get paid something.

The End

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