Elemental Respect

I laughed. She had worked out her affinity already.

"Well done Morgan."

"But I can't swim!" She threw herself onto my bed. "I am the worst Water faerie ever!"

"Morgan, hush. Of course you arn't the worst water faerie ever!"

"I can't even swim!" She still had no idea did she. Normal people swim. Not water faeries.

I laughed again. "Morgan next training session we will find water ok. I want to show you how the water will behave around you once you let it know you have its gift."

I remembered back to when I was a boy. A long, long time ago. My eldest brother Kaine was kicking stones on the beach. Making beautiful intricate dragons by crafting the sand with his affinity. I was doing tricks on my bike when Jaden threw water at me. I got so mad that they could both controll elements yet I was just the baby brother who could not. I spent hours locked in my room practising my element. I eventually got it and I showed off. I didn't have respect for my element. I thought I was its master and so it struck back.

I turned over my hand the only imperfection was a burn mark down from my thumb. It took me a long time to get to grips with working alongside my element. Respect goes both ways. Fire perfectly matched me as water did to Morgan. Fire is excitement, heat, power, controlled by humans but not tamable. Fire started the world in volcanoes and can destroy, often getting in too deep. Not to mention it loves attention like me.

Water is calm and collected, flows with grace and unseen power. Water can clense and heal and all life had need of it. Water is playful and happy yet keeps itself to inself.

She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I could see she was just so worried she would fail. That she wouldn't ever get controll of her element.

I ran a cup of water and sat down. Slowly plucking a thin stream of it from the cup I waved it through the air.

"Now Morgan I want you to concentrate on this. Connect with it like you did to the island. There will be a small part of you that feels at one with the water. Connect that part especially and the water will feel your ability for it and will play along with you. She hesitantly locked in with the water. I could feel her connecting with it. She wasn't beliving herself enough for the water to belive in her. I wouldn;t let go of the water yet but I would let her move it around. She would learn how to keep it from dropping sometime.

I realised I can't teach her much after her basic water controlling. I can move about a cup of it within half a meter of myself. Its part of the Nature theory. A general controll over all of them was granted if you could learn them. You only have one that is specially taylored to you though.

She hesitantly swayed the water to the left. I let her move it herself. She begins to smile as the water does as she commands.

"I've let go of it Morgan. Your doing it on your own." Her mouth widened with her eyes. Ok so it was a bit of a white lie but at least she wasn't worring anymore. "Now Morgan move it back into the cup." She did as I asked and I finally let go of the water.

"If you respect the water it will respect you. Morgan you wont need to swim. You respect the water?"

"I do. I promise I do." It was the first step. She would learn to really controll water soon. I just gave her something to be mistified by. Whatever I did we didn't have time for Morgan to lose heart. There was alot to do in not much time.

The End

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