Watery Kisses

She stood at the edge of the trees in the meadow. She was just about ready to dance when a figure ran past her.

"Come on Morgan!" It was Ash.

"Wait," she called after him, but her voice was too soft. He continued running, so Morgan had to follow after him. As he neared the edge of the meadow he glanced back and grinned at her. "Come on!" Then just before he ran off the cliff he leapt.

"Ash!" Morgan stopped herself at the edge. She watched as he did a perfect flip in the air before diving into the sparkling water below. Bitting her lip she held her breath until at last his head appeared back on the surface. He swam back towards her.

"Come on in, Morgan," he called up to her. "The waters great!"

Morgan examined the cliff face. It appeared there was no other way to get down other than to jump. She paced up and down the top for a bit while Ash laughed at her from below.

"Come on, you can do it!" He floated on his back, nonchalant as you please.

"How are we supposed to get back up?" Morgan called down.

"Who says we have to get back up?" He grinned at her.

"Ash!" His attitude was both annoying and enticing. Morgan had never been one for spontaneity, but, she shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Come on, we’ll figure out how to get back up once you get down." Ash stopped floating and now treaded water.

Morgan backed up away from the edge. She took a deep breath, ran and leapt off the cliff. She held her nose just before hitting the water. As soon as she was under her eyes opened. Down and down she went ,until at last her feet hit bottom. Her legs bent and she sent herself rocketing for the surface and Ash.

Morgan shook her head to get her hair out of her face and looked at Ash. He swam towards her the largest grin on his face that she’d ever seen. Suddenly she remembered something. "I can’t swim." Morgan began to flounder, but Ash was there. He held her above water and swam towards the cliff.

Soon they were in shallow water and Morgan could stand. Ash held her and she clung to him. The water lapping at her legs seemed to apologize. Ash smoothed the hair from her face and she looked up into his eyes. Her heart beat faster and her whole body tingled. But she put a finger to his lips before he could kiss her. "Not yet," she whispered.

I woke myself up. I could have let the dream keep going and maybe I should have. Okay it would have been really sweet to have kissed, but I want a real kiss. As real as the dream seems, it’s just not the same. Given Ash’s physical state of health I may have to initiate that kiss. Okay maybe I should have let him kiss me there, since given my state of mental health I’m likely to take forever. Of course by then he’d be recovered. Oh god, I’m nuts.

Then I laugh as I realize something else my dream told me. Maybe it was because I had fallen asleep while communing with nature or maybe it was because I wasn’t trying so hard to find it. Day is breaking and I jump out of bed and throw a robe on.

"Dad, Dad," I call as I near his room. He opens his door, eyes still heavy with sleep, but I can’t contain myself. "I know my elemental affinity."

"Oh?" He perks up slightly.

"I’m a water faerie only; I can’t swim!"

The End

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