Swirling Thoughts

I couldn’t sleep. So much had happened today. I stare at the ceiling in my room in the castle. I let my thoughts wander.

Someone had moved my stuff while I was communing with nature. That meant I hadn’t gone back to the hospital to check on Ash. I can’t believe my dad called me his special nurse. It’s weird being so far from him after being so close. I mean, it’s only been two days but I feel so close to him. My heart flutters and tingles run down my spine.

Why did I start him making paper cranes anyway? I guess it was an excuse to be closer than the couch. Part of me wants him to kiss me again. A real kiss, not just a sudden smack on the lips.

Oh God. What’s going on with me? I pray that it isn’t just affection born from saving Ash’s life. I don’t want to hurt Ash. He seems to have been hurt enough.

An owl hoots as it flies by my window. I remember communing with nature. So I close my eyes now and listen. I take a deep breath as I gather all my swirling thoughts and then breathe them out. Nature’s sleeping. Okay mostly sleeping, the nocturnal animals are out. A smiles slowly spreads across my face. I move with the breeze through the trees.

I’ve done this before haven’t I. Whenever I walked in the woods, when ever I was out in the fields around Grandma’s house, I’ve communed with nature. Not this deeply though. Dad’s shown me a whole new level of connection. At some point Nature lulls me to sleep.

The End

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