Homing in

I'm naturally nosey, I just can't help it. So I zoomed in on the links I have with both of them. Morgan protested against Mrs.B leaving but she wouldn't have any of it.

After dinner Mrs.B flew out. I suspected it wouldn't be the last time I saw here.

I stood by Morgan waving off the helicopter. Placing my hand on her shoulder. My huge hands covered most of her shoulder. Almost as soon as the helicopter flew out of sight she dissapeared back inside. Back to Ash's side. She visited him so often, a truely caring healer.

"Morgan?" I had been waiting for her to turn up for training for a while.

"Dad!" She stood straight up hundereds of bits of paper flying from her lap. She want red, bright red.

"Ash." I nodded my head at him. He met my eyes. They wavered a little but overall gave a steady stare. "I trust my daughter is taking good care of you?"

"The best." He gave a sheepish grin at Morgan, who just carried on looking at her feet.

"Well I hate to take the special nurse away but she needs training." I hearded Morgan out of the room, we had already lost enough time off todays training.

I sat morgan across from me in the entrance of the orchard. I had taken my top off again showing off my still incredible body. My wings shimmered in the relaxing island air. A blossom fell into Morgan's lap. I stopped her from removing it. Todays lesson would be nature theory and practise.

"Ok. So today I'm going to teach you about the faeries natural affinity with nature. Theres alot of theory behind it but that doesn't matter till after you've passed your test." She nodded to show she was following. "Right now I want you to relax, leave material life behind and just listen to the sound of the island." She nodded again, losening her shoulders she let a long breath out. Her breathing slowed down and I could feel her listening intently. Her mind was obviously elsewhere.

"Stop , stop, stop you'll never connect like this. Now I want you to stop and take everything off your mind. You can't connect with the island if you are busy thinking of other things. You need to clear out your mind."  She looked a little dishartened. "Don't worry. Different people sometimes need differnt things to clear their mind. I used to only ever connect when blocking everything else out with a good guitar solo or a strong voice. I think maybe something more spiritual would suit you." I didn't mention that I had been able to connect anyway, but an electric guitar seperating me from everything but my surroundings, really did help.

I took out my I-pod and connected it up to the small speakers I had brought in my bag for just this occasion. The slow notes of an occarina sounded out like a melodic birdsong. Like I had thought Morgan again slowly began to relax and smiled. The air around her again shimmered a light purple. I smiled and connected into the spirt of the island to.

Morgans connection with the island was incredibly strong. I was in awe of it. The first time she has ever connected with nature and shes already this zoned in. I wouldn't mention it. I wanted to know how Morgan thought about it all. The island was calm and relaxing a gentle breeze blew across it. The spirit of this place was compleatly free, the perfect place to begin training.

The trees from the orchard began reaching out to her. A new faerie presence on the island was really interesting them. Still Morgan wasn't using her elemental affinity. I know what she is but I'm pretty sure she isn't even aware she has one.

"Ok Morgan well done." She slowly opened her eyes.

"I feel incredible, like I'm just enpty for nature to flow through me. Its like its taking me with it."

"Good. Now for your elemental affinity." She looked quizzical again.

"My what?"

"Your affinity. Every faerie has their own element they are specially connected to. My star sign is leo therfore I am a fire sign. You saw a bit of how I controlled it before."

"What sign am I?"

" I know what you are Morgan but I think you need to connect to your sign on your own. Find the link."

I closed my eyes again and let her search the island for a connection. Her eyes began to screw up tightly. She was searching too hard and becoming scared incase she couldn't find it.  She ended up breaking her connection. I gently switched off the ocarina as she droped her head into her hands.

"It's ok Morgan. It's often difficult to find your affinitys. I think that might be enough training for today. You've been connected to the island for a while maybe you should take a rest. Just keep a watch out for anything you feel for an element."

She slowly got up and thanked me. Hopefully having trouble finding her affinitys wouldn't set her off thinking she couldn't do it. I had faith she would do it soon.  I'm not the only one here who belives in Morgan. I know she will be sencing the island alot more since her connection. I just really hope she notices that and isn't too dishartened, shes done well for the day.

The End

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