Haddie's Plan

Haddie gathered the adults together after lunch. “While my old bones like this weather, I don’t like being so far away from my farm. Pete Senior means well by watching it, but he’s a mechanic not a farmer. Plus I’ll be needed when the whole land order goes to court.”

Ben started to protest, saying his lawyer would take care of everything, but Haddie held up her hand. “I’ve been a member of that community for nearly 65 years now. It’s not so much as I need to be here, as they’ll expect me to be there. My absence would be considered an abandonment, and I don’t care how good your lawyer is, that would be one high mark against me. No, I got to be going home.”

“What about Morgan, Mrs. B?” Mike spoke up.

Haddie looked at him kindly. “I know that girl will be set on staying here.” She turned to Sarah and Ben, “presuming you don’t mind.” They shook their heads. “Good, Gloria’s the first friend Morgan has had in a long time, and I suspect Ash may well be her first love. I won’t take her away from them as it’ll probably undo all the good it’s done her.”  

She took a breath and continued. “Now I don’t want Morgan to be a burden on you, and she ought to continue her education, but since school doesn’t seem to suit her right now, I was hoping maybe your Hospital could use her in the Maternity ward.” Ben and Sarah looked at each other and then back at Mrs. B. “She’s got midwife experience. Her mother was a certified midwife and Morgan helped her since she was 8.”

Sarah spoke up, “I’m sure we can work something out, but is that how you really want her to spend her time.”

“Morgan’s been too drawn into herself since her mother died. I don’t say she’s got to work a full nurses schedule. Just something.” Haddie sighed. She unclasp her hands and let them fall to the table. There were no words for her to use to describe her concern for her granddaughter. Mike placed a hand over hers.

“Of course Mrs. B. I have a lot to teach Morgan myself. I’m sure we can find a balance for her.”

Mrs. B smiled at him. Fatherhood became him. If only Serena hadn’t been so stubborn about keeping him out of the loop. Haddie couldn’t count the number of times she’d nearly gone against her own daughter’s wishes. She placed her other hand over his.

“One last thing, before I leave Morgan in your care.”

“What’s that Mrs. B?”

“There’s no reason for her to be taking up a hospital bed.” She looked at Sarah and Ben. “Move her to a room in the castle, please.”

“Of course!”

“When did you want to leave?” Ben asked.

“When’s the next flight out?”

Ben chuckled. “I can fly you out when ever you wish.”

Haddie thought for a moment. “After dinner if that will work for you.”


“Good,” Haddie stood. “I’ll go talk to Morgan now.”

Haddie made her way through the castle maze and over to the Hospital. As expected Morgan was with Ash. She was helping him make paper cranes again. Not really wanting to disturb them Haddie watched for a moment.

Ash noticed her first. “Mrs. B.” Morgan’s head shot up. Her smile slowly disappearing.

“Grandma B please Ash,” Haddie nodded to him then looked at Morgan. “Honey, I need to talk to you for a moment.”

“Sure Grandma B.” Morgan followed Haddie out into the hall. Haddie turned to her and explained the arrangements she’d made.

“But Grandma!” Morgan pleaded.

“No buts young lady. Gloria has a child to care for and Ash needs his rest to get better. You won’t be working a full shift so you’ll still have plenty of time to visit with them both.”

“Yes Grandma B.” Morgan held her head down.

“Now, be a dear and come to the castle for dinner I’ll be heading home right after.”

“It’s not fair that Ash can’t eat with us.”

Haddie sighed. “Injuries like what he has take time to heal, honey. It’s already a miracle that he’s survived.” Morgan looked up at her. “I don’t know what you did, or what your father has to teach you.” Haddie placed a hand on her shoulder. “But you are one unique child.” Haddie hugged Morgan “I love you.”

“I love you too Grandma B.”

The End

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