I couldn’t believe it. I had a chance to get wings. Not just any wings, Faerie wings. How strange this all was to me. I’d been tormented and teased by the kids in Mom’s home town. I cringed at the name Morgan le Fey, and yet. Yet all I wanted to be was a Faerie. Sure I love Anne McCaffery’s Dragons; but… To have your own wings, to fly under your own power, what bliss!  I giggle and twirl as I walk back to the hospital.

“Faeries are angels with un-feathered wings,” I whisper, “Flitting about doing un-angelic things.”

Then I remembered that Dad said I’d have to take a test. I’d have to pass that test to get wings. My footsteps slow down. What abilities did I have? Morphine, I half laugh and half cry at the thought. I can ease pain maybe keep someone alive. I still don’t know how I did that.

Will Ash like me if I have wings? I only half hinted that I was Faerie the other night. Does it matter? I think it does. I know Gloria will love them, but she already knows, she already accepts I am what I am. My feet stop before I reach Ash’s door. I have to pass him to go to my room. I told him I’d be back.

“Did you want to take lunch with him?” A nurse walks out of Ash’s room and looks directly at me.

“Um,” I could say I’m not hungry, but I am, and even if I did I now have to go in there. Besides I’m avoiding him because of something that hasn’t happened yet. There will be plenty of time to tell him, once I figure out what this Faerie stuff is about, right? “Yeah”

The nurse nods and heads off. I step into the room. Ash smiles.

“Can’t get enough of the hospital food eh?”

I don’t say anything but sit down on the couch. He cocks his head to study me, but the nurse comes back with my tray before he can say something else. I set down the paper crane my Dad had set on fire, but not burned and notice the pile of crumpled paper by his bed.

“Having trouble with the cranes?” Ash groans and rolls his eyes, which makes me laugh. “I’ll help you after lunch.” Until Dad calls me back for Faerie lessons, I finish silently.

The End

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