"Calm down Mike!" I realise I'm pacing as Fancy Anne moves a chair towards me. I relcutantly sit down while she rests her hands on my shoulders. "Stop worring. You have to tell her so just accept that."

"I know, I just don't want to burden her with all this."

"Maybe you could show her the good side Mike. I know its not ALL doom and gloom. She needs something positive to aim for" I didn't reply I just fidgeted. My large thumbs circling eachother. Nails down to a decent length. I hated not having nail clippers on the road. Having to break them every week to keep them from becoming inches long was annoying and I always got my clothes caught on their rough edges.

Fancy Anne began taking off my shirt.

"Anne what are you doing."

"Trust me Mike!"  She dematerialised just as Morgan walked into the room with Mrs.B. I stood up instantly when Mrs.B walked in. She took her hand off Morgan's shoulder and walked out mumbling something about Magic.

"Ah Morgan." I turned around to put my shirt back on unsure why Fancy Anne had taken it off in the first place. She gasped.

"Dad. What are those? They are so beautiful. Do I get them?" She gently traced the swirling lines that cover my back. I knew what Fancy Anne had been intending for me to do now. Show Morgan some of the best parts of being Faerie. Not just dauting her with the task ahead. 

"Step back" She did as I asked without a word. I slowly raised my hands outwards from my sides. Palms ninty degrees to my arms facing away from me, as if I was pushing against a wall on either side. Slowly I tilted my head up. The mass of swirls, markings and patterns on my skin lifted out into the air behind me. A shimmering layer of almost transparent white, lightly blue tinged skin fell between the hovering design. My hair hanging down between them complimenting the gold patterning on the wings.

I slowly lowered my palms so they faced downwards, and moved my arms back down to my sides. "You can touch them if you want" Morgan hesitantly crept towards my wing's. They pointed out from my back by about half a meter, around twenty degrees apart. Morgans fingers gently stroked across the skin layer the paterns that had previously been marked onto my back. I gently spread them out a little as Morgan watched me with awe.

Sit down Morgan. Automatically she sat straight down on the nearest chair. I sat on the floor next to her so she was just looking down at me. I brought my knees up crossing my ankles so I could rest my arms on my aprt knees.

"You've probably realised these are wings. In answer to your earlier question yes you will get them. Well if the Ran... the court decide you can."

"She looked confused"

"There is a court. They are called the Rankishans and are the head of the oldest faerie lines. Your gandfather being one of them, but I'll come back to him later. Since your only half faerie the court will test you and decide wether you get wings or not."

"What happens if I fail?"  This was the difficult part.

"Morgan if you fail the court won't let you have wings. They will stop them being created. Theres a chance this process could even stop the growth of your own special talents. It's vital you pass this Morgan."

"Ok. When do I sit this test?"

I laughed. "Morgan this isn't a written test. This is a test of your own strenght and ability, and don't think your grandad will help you out either. He cares more about keeping the faerie race strong than he does for us. Our line being one of the rankishans means everything to him."

"But.. but, I don't have any abilitys!" She was begining to worry. He eyesfrantically shifted around. Great I had done exactly what I had wanted not to. I remembered how Fancy Anne calmed me.

"Morgan you are incredible." I took her delicate head in my hands. "You can do it. I know you can and I'm going to make sure you do!" I passed her my shirt to wipe her tears.  "Starting this evening I'm going to teach you. I will school you on everything you need to know and help you discover your talents ok." I deliberatly avoided telling her when the testing would begin. She would only retreat sure she couldn't do it. I needed to show her she can before I hit her with that bombshell.

I noticed the small peice of paper in her hand. It had been folded in a few places but wasn't yet compleat. I slowly took it from her asking if I could show her something.

I slowly placed the paper on the floor. Taking a few steps back I tightly shut my eyes for a second before sharply opening them and tiltied my right hand up so my palm faced left. The paper englulfed in fire. A golden glow hung arounf the tip of the flame. Morgan held her breath. I put the flame out and handed her back the paper. She turned the perfectly unburnt paper over in her hands.

"I doesn't even feel warm." I heard her exclaim under her breath. I laughed again.

"Morgan trust me there are so many more wonderful things to come that you dont know about yet." I took her hand and smiled. "Now get yourself sorted out and tonight ask Gloria for a few roll mats. Then tomorrow we will buy you everything you will need for training."

She smiled. "Thanks so much Dad. I really can't wait to get my wings. Will they look like yours?" 

"Every set of wings is unique but golden hair and golden intricasy on our wings is set to our line. The coulor of the skin between them , the pattern, anyother coulors you get in there, they all depend on you personally."  

She grinned again. "Now I should get a shower before lunch. I will talk to you afterwards" I walked out of the room smiling as she watched my wings follow me, clutching tight to her peice of paper.

My wings felt amazing. I hadn't let them free in so long. The last person to touch them was actually Serena. I think I will keep them out for a while. Taking a deep breath I realise how at peace I feel on this island.

Never the less I needed to start planning Morgans training routine.

The End

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