Paper Cranes?

I joined Ash for breakfast the next morning. It was a bit odd to be in a hospital room without needing to be there. I feel bad for taking up a room, but I wasn’t about to sleep in his room. At least not now that he is awake. It’s not like we are dating or anything. Oh dear I think I blushed at that thought. I hang my head, pretending to concentrate on opening my drink.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Ash smiles at me.

“Paper Cranes,” I find myself saying. Where did that thought come from? He looks at me puzzled. “You’ve never heard about 1,000 Paper Cranes before?” I guess the thought makes sense. I mean Ash is recovering from serious injuries.

“1,000 Paper Cranes?” I nod and quickly finish my drink.

“There’s a story about a girl who ended up with leukemia from one of the atom bombs that was dropped in Japan in World War II. She tried to make 1,000 paper cranes, because legend says that if you make 1,000 of them you will be granted long life, or a wish, or something. I forget exactly.” Wow I think that’s the longest thing I’ve ever said to him.

“You know how to make them?” I nod. “You’ll show me how?”

I nod again and look around the room. “We need paper though.”


Haddie stood outside Ash’s hospital room observing what was going on. Morgan sat on the doctor’s stool beside Ash, trying to teach him origami. The remains of their breakfast sat on the couch. They laughed. It appeared Ash wasn’t doing all that well since he only had one fully functioning hand.

Haddie knocked on the door. Morgan sat up straight, but her eyes immediately fell to the floor. Ash looked from her to Morgan curiously. Haddie cleared her throat and Morgan hastily stood.

“Sorry,” she muttered. “Grandma B, this is Ash, Ash this is my grandmother, Mrs. B.”

“How do you do Mrs. B.” Ash held out his good hand and Haddie shook it.

“Please, Grandma B is fine. I’m only Mrs. B to Mike’s generation.” She looked him once over and smiled. His handshake was firm and, she decided, he was of the same caliber as Mike. She hadn’t been sure, until just now, given the trouble he’d gotten into on Devil’s Flat. But young men were always getting into trouble. Mike was proof of that. But she’d let Mike have the satisfaction of giving Ash the ‘don’t break my daughter’s heart’ speech.

“Morgan, honey, your father would like to talk to you.”

“Now?” Haddie got the sense Morgan didn’t want to leave.

“Yes honey, now.”

Morgan sighed. “See you later Ash,” she waved to him.

“I’ll, uh, just keep working on these, okay?”

Morgan giggled and Haddie smiled. Yes, she would let Morgan stay here, after she’d set some things into motion.

The End

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