Going soft.

I hesitantly knock on the door. I could feel this was Morgans room.

"Come in?" I wondered why she sounded questioning. She let out a sigh when I walked in. Half dissapointed, half releived. She was flopped down on her bed. Slightly out of breath, I could hear her heart beating frantically. It appeared like she had been running. She didn't look like the physically gifted type like me but prehaps she was fast or agile?  

"Hey dad." Poor thing looked exhausted but she needed to be told. Her birthday was growing closer.

"Hey sweety. I know it's late but I think theres really some things we should talk about."  She yawned only half listening. Her mind was obviously on other things. I couldn't do it. She seemed just so content for tonight.

"What is it dad?" Her eyes were half closed and was obviously trying to pay as much attention as possible. Sweet kid.

"I just wanted to say I love you, and no matter what happens I'll always stick by your decisions ok?" She smiled

"Love you to Dad" She smiled her eyes now compleatly closed. I let her drift off  and stayed to watch her sleep a while. The air around her head tinted the softest shade of lilac as she dreamed.

I kissed her forhead and quietly I snuck out of her room. "Sleep tight Morgan. You'll need it."  I was going soft. I supose thats ok in this situation though. I grinned to myself as I collapsed down in my room. Her mother would be so proud of her.


"Mike!"  someone woke me. I groned as Mrs.B used all her might and both hands to try and shake me, only ending up shaking herself while she attempted to get her small hands around my forearm. It was only nine fourty seven. I was planning on waking at ten anyway.

She thrust a cup of tea into my hands and walked away muttering about the enormity of this place and needing a map. The tea was slightly cold. I think she had been looking for my room for a while.

"Oh, Mrs.B? Is that second cup of tea for morgan?"

She bumbled back in. "Yes it is. Why?"  I took a small peice of paper between my forefinger and thumb and clicked my fingers with the paper between them. A small Flame emerged from the paper and I heated both cups of tea.

"Shes in the Room next to Ash. Would you mind telling her I need to speak to her after breakfast?"

"I know where her room is! Of course I will tell her." Truth being she would have wandered a while untill some sign eventually pointed her towards Morgan but I know to pretend.

She bumbled back out again with Morgans re-heated tea. This time muttering about being very sharp for an older lady. I had to hand it to Mrs.B she was incredible for her age. Feisty yet sturdy, a real force to be reckoned with. I hold her in the highest respects for it.

The End

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