Talking to Gloria

I wish I had thought to take a shower before I stepped outside. Everyone else looks fresh, but I’m still in the same cloths I’d worn on the bus. Yuk. Oh well, I did wash my hands and face at least. I probably could have taken a shower in the amount of time I’d stared at my face. It seemed so unreal that Ash had kissed me. Kissed me, the thought makes a tingles flow down my spine.

I’m calmer now. No need for Dad or Grandma to know about it; at least, not yet. I had to figure out what it all meant; to me, to him. For all I know it could have just been his way of thanking me. Presuming he knew that I had been keeping him alive. I had been keeping him alive hadn’t I? Self-doubt floods in. I sigh.

“That’s a mighty big sigh, there honey.” Dang, Grandma B noticed.

I shrug, “I’m still tired I guess.”

“Well stop picking at your food and eat up. Good way to restore your energy. Tonight you can sleep in your own room.”

And take a shower. I try to eat, but I feel all a flutter. Gloria’s looking at me curiously, as is Sarah Morgan, who’s trying to feed me. I wonder if she can see aura’s like her mom. I wonder what my aura’s giving away to Gloria. At last Sarah Morgan can no longer be contained at the table.

“Morgan, can you come help me get her ready for bed.”

“Sure.” I jump at the excuse to leave the table. I should go back and see Ash. I had said I would. If he was still in a coma I’d be there as soon as I could. But he’s awake and suddenly I feel a hundred times shier than I had when I’d spoken to him on the bus.

I play peek-a-boo with Sarah Morgan while Gloria changes her diaper. Gloria’s been silent until now.

“So, you’re happy that Ash is awake?”

“Yeah,” I stop playing, which elicits unhappy noises from Sarah Morgan. I go back to playing.

“But, what happened? Where you in the room when he woke up?” Gloria picks up her daughter.

“I wasn’t just in the room, I was leaning over him to kiss his forehead when he woke up and kissed me.” I flop down on the floor. Sarah Morgan squeals and wiggles down from her mother. She toddles over to me and gives me a giant hug. I look up at Gloria. I told her about the dream, which is why I’d gone to his bedside.

“Morgan, that’s wonderful.” She has a romantic dreamy look in her eye.

“Then he asked if I missed him.” I still didn’t know what to make of that statement. It confused me, it annoyed me. Maybe it annoyed me because it confused me. I winch slightly as a sharp pain comes through the link I’d formed with Ash. I didn’t know it would still be there after he woke.

“Well?” I blink at Gloria. “Did you respond?”

“Eventually,” my eyes light up as I remember the dream. “I told him it would have been better in the meadow.” Why had Grandma B gone and interrupted that dream. It would have been better there. But if it had happened in my dream then would it have happened in reality? And am I avoiding going back to see Ash because of the intimacy of the dream? Gloria’s watching me. Well mostly, half of her attention is on Sarah Morgan, who’s teethed on just about every object in the room.

“You think a lot don’t you?” She says at last.

“Yeah,” I smile, “I’m not used to having someone to talk to.” I stand, my decision made, my resolve set. “I think I’m going to freshen up and go see Ash.”

Sarah Morgan sees me stand and toddles back over. “Auntee Morguh.” I smile at her and kneel down to hug her.

“I’ll see you in the morning. You sleep well for your mommy okay.”


I stand to give Gloria a hug and pause. “Um, where is the shower and where is my stuff?”

She laughs and hugs me. “You’re in the room to the right of Ash's in the hospital. Think you can find your way back?”

“I think so.” I grin.

The End

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