Fancy Anne, Babysitter

I loved it here at Serenity Rest, it was so peaceful. Aunt Sarah and uncle Ben had been so good to me. I don't know what I would have done if I had been forced to give up my precious Sarah Morgan  for adoption.

She was so beautiful! She had long blondish red hair that I suppose you would call strawberry blonde. She had green eyes the shade of the Emerald Isles. She was taller than most little girls her age. Elves tended to be on the tall side. Her ears were beginning to take on a distinctive Elven point. There was a lot of me in her, but at this stage she looked a good deal like her father. I missed Thalion so much!

She was playing with Mike's long hair, which cascaded over the edge of the balcony. Oh no, she tried to climb it!

"Sarah Morgan, come down from there honey. You don't want to hurt uncle Mike's head do you?"

"Pwetty haiw, pwetty pwetty."

I plucked her from the thick strands of Mike's hair. She had actually managed to get a couple of inches off the ground! I looked up at Mike, who leaned over the railing and laughed merrily. Fancy Anne hovered just above his head.

I smiled at the memory of her first appearance to Mike. The poor guy had freaked out! They seemed to be good friends now. She wasn't obsessed with Mike anymore.

She flitted all over the place, but she didn't really focus on one person, except maybe the baby. She was probably the best babysitter I could ever hope to have. If Sarah even sniffled a little in her sleep, Fancy Anne shook my bed with her ghostly energy till I woke up. It could be annoying, but at least I knew that Sarah Morgan was always being watched, she would always be safe.

Fancy Anne was focused on Sarah's attempted climb. If she had lost her grip even for a second, Fancy Anne's energy would have surrounded her and kept her safe. She was protective, but she still gave Sarah room to explore, to learn, to grow. Even though she was a ghost, she made a pretty good friend. She was only just my age when she died.

Morgan came out to join us for lunch. The grin on her face rivalled the sun. There was a little recent shine in her aura that told me that something must have happened that gave her that sudden glow of happiness. I guessed that it probably had to do with Ash finally waking up.

Those two loved each other, but I didn't think either one of them knew it, or least they didn't  recognize the feeling. I dreaded to think what I would say to Morgan if she ever asked me point blank if Ash cared for her. Of course I couldn't lie to her, but love is so precious, so fragile. It was best that they discover and explore their feelings for themselves.

Mike stared at Morgan with love and pride, plus a bit of uncertainty in his aura. Fatherhood was a brand new thing for him, and being a Faerie as well, he still had to teach Morgan all about her heritage.

The End

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