Breathe it in.

Morgan still didn't know exactly how powerful she could be. I wasn't even sure of what talents she might have yet. She could obviously heal and create very strong links with people. Especially Ash I had noticed.

This was just another thing that confused me deeply. It often take years to build links that strong.

I was releived Ash was doing well at the moment and that Morgan was resting. She had done so much today she really needed to build up her strenght again.

I wondered if she had even worked out about Faerie dreams yet. They can be used to share personal desires and feelings with another. I left Morgans side to go think a while. Whist wandering I caught sight of Gloria's child playing around in the grass. I couldn't understand what Gloria's mother was thinking. I would love grandchilderen. I hadn't been around when Morgan grew up. A this I would always regret.

Theres still so much Morgan must do and learn and I will stick with her no matter what. Still I don't want to burden her mind with it all just yet. The Faerie was a complex race and the Rankinshans would be very very interested in Morgan. Especially my father.

I mentally made a list of things I needed to tell her. Ranking with the basic facts first, the important stuff second, the complex things next and finally I would tell her that the Rankinshans would want to see her before she turned twenty. The whole issue with wings would be too much to just all out and tell her.

I knew Morgan and I only have a year to compleat what we must untill the Rankinshans would decide to keep her in the race or not. I wouldn't let Morgan go. She has so many talents just hidden under the surface, whatever they may be. For now I would let her get her thoughts together.

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel, let down your hair!" Gloria laughed from the ground below the balcony I was leant against. I chuckled as I realised how much of a fairy princess I must have looked. Minus the motorbike leathers of course. I dramticallt swooshed my hair much to the amusement of the elven baby. I love my hair and I can feel somone playing with it from behind.

Fancy Anne. I had compleatly forgotten she had left the bus with Gloria.

"Hey Mike. Whats up? You look like you've seen a ghost" She merrily laughed to herself. It still sounded vaugly like a cackle but I never had the heart to tell her that.

"Just worried. Morgan has no idea whats in store for her in the next year or two does she."

"Shes your daughter Mike. Even I can see shes far more powerful than the average half faerie, and I know very little about them. Shes a real hidden talent that one." She came next to me and gave me a freindly nudge on the shoulder. "Now stop worring about it she needs you now. It can all wait a few days"

"Thanks Fancy Anne" I saw everyone head off to where Morgan and Mrs.B were. Watching from the distance I really had time to take in just how beautiful Morgan was. Her hair blonde, almost golden, like mine. The grace she moves with. Her smile itself was encapturing. Just like her mothers.  "Come on. Well work it all out eventually" I went to join them. The air on this island was just so sweet I wasn't sure how I could be worried anyway. The air must be doing the same for Morgan, her eyes are lit up and she is wearing the biggest smile I've ever seen her with.

The End

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