Dream Interupted

She danced in a sunlit field of flowers. Purples and blues swished with her feet as her skirt flew about her. She twirled and jumped; her hands sometimes reaching up to the sky, sometimes brushing the grass. Her voice, lilting, sang a song of nonsense words that fit the beat of her feet.

Mid leap and turn she saw a figure standing at the edge of the field. She gasped and landed, crouching on the ground. Her heart beat fast. She had been seen, she would be judged.

“Morgan,” her name was called out. “Morgan don’t stop, that was beautiful.” The grass rustled and Morgan slowly rose to her feet. The figure stopped before her. “Don’t be shy. You are so beautiful, so perfect.”

“Perfect ha!” Morgan twirled and sat down facing away from the figure. She drew her knees up under her skirt and clasped them to her chest. “I am but a failure. I could not save my mother, I could not finish college, I could not save the man on the bus, no Mia had to do that,” she snorted.

“But you have saved me.” He moved around to face her.

She glanced up and saw that the figure was Ash. “Then wake up and prove it!” She jumped up and ran across the field.

“Morgan!” he ran after her. He caught her hand. She turned around to face him. Ash pulled her closer. Her heart beat faster. His hand brushed back her wayward hair. She tilted her head up, eyes closed. She could feel him leaning toward her.


“Morgan, Morgan honey.” Grandma B gently shakes me. My eyes blink open to day light streaming in the room. “Morgan it’s early evening, why don’t you come eat with us. We’ll be out on the veranda just over there.”

I look out the window and see tables and chairs being set up. Little Sarah Morgan is playing in the grass near Gloria. “Okay,” I sigh and sit up. I watch Grandma B leave as I stretch.

Figures; she would interrupt my only dream of every being kissed before I was actually kissed. I flush and smile just thinking about it. I make my way to Ash’s side.

He is sleeping as the heart monitor beeps merrily. I swear I see a smile play at his lips. I place my hand on his. “I’m going to go outside to eat lunch, I’ll be back.” I bend over to kiss his forehead but his eyes open wide and suddenly his lips are on mine.

Startled, I step back. My one hand is held by his and my other goes to my lips. I can’t believe he just kissed me. My heart is beating a mile a minute. Ash Van Helsing just kissed me, Morgan Frances.

"Hey Morgan," he whispers. "Did you miss me?"

Miss him? I’ve been his life line for the last, like, twenty-four hours. How could I miss him? But I can’t give any tart retort back. My vocal cord is stuck. Even my body feels stuck.

“Morgan?” I feel rather than hear his concern. His voice is horse, like that of someone just awakening from deep sleep.

“Sorry.” My apology puzzles him. “I have to go eat,” I explain.

I start to leave, but a thought stops me and I turn back. Mustering every ounce of courage I have, I lean in and whisper. “It would have been better in the meadow.”

I spin and nearly run into the nurse on my way out of the room. Some monitor or other probably told her that Ash had awoken.

The End

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