As soon as Morgan got to the helicopter, she went back to the medical unit to sit with Ash. the doctor politely asked her to go and sit in the seats. There was no room back there for non medical personnel. She came up front to sit with Mike, uncle Ben, her grandmother and me.

I liked Mrs. B. she reminded me a lot of my great aunt Sarah. They were approximately the same age, and their auras matched pretty well for honesty, loyalty, love, etc. I thought they might become good friends.

Once we were airborne, Mrs. B. asked about the baby. I told her all about Sarah Morgan's weight, eating habits, etc. After a short pause she looked right at me and asked me a direct question.

"Morgan tells me that your mother is still living. Why isn't she with you and the baby, Gloria?"

"Grandma!!"" Morgan gasped.

"Oh stop your fuss Morgan. I'm a nurse. I'd like to know why any woman would not want to be with her only daughter when her only granddaughter is born."

I was surprised at the question, but I was willing to answer it. I could tell buy her aura that she was completely trustworthy, like her granddaughter.

"Mom wasn't given a choice. I ran away."

"I see."

Mrs. B. nodded her head. I suddenly felt that I wanted to tell  Mike, Morgan and Mrs. B.  everything. I found myself in such a relaxed state that I was able to discuss such personal matters openly, without fear of judgement. I wondered later if Mike or Morgan's Faerie magic had anything to do with that relaxed state.

'I ran away because my mother wanted to give up the baby for adoption, I was going to marry Thalion, but he was killed, and my mother didn't want me to raise the child alone the way she did and....."

Mrs. B was sitting right across from me, and she leaned over and took my two hands in hers.

"Why don't you start at the beginning, dear. Tell me about this Thalion. He is the baby's father I assume?"

"Yes. He is.. was an Elf."

I clapped my hand over my mouth. My own mother didn't know that! Only uncle Ben and aunt Sarah knew. Mrs. B. took my hand from my mouth and held it again.

"So he was an Elf. Morgan is part Faerie, and yet we have found something in both of them to love, have we not? Continue please, my dear."

I grinned and continued. I told  them everything.

I missed Thalion with every fibre of my being,  It was a relief to talk about him. He was so thrilled when he found out I was pregnant.

My mother met him once, and she was put off by his 'strangeness'. She never knew he was an elf, nor would she have believed me if I told her what he was. She had always either ignored or condemned my visions and my ability to see auras.

We discussed getting married, but he was killed before we could do anything about it. There was something big going on in the magic world he lived in, but he never really told me what it was. One day just before I got on the bus, he came to me and said that he would have to take me to his Elven realm where I would be safe.

I tried to talk him into going to Serenity Rest on Peace Island where my aunt and uncle lived. Their place was safe from magic bad guys. It was something he was thinking about when we were walking in the woods behind my mother's apartment. Suddenly I felt myself being lifted right off my feet. I screamed, and Thalion reached up and pulled me down.

He yelled at me to "hit the dirt and stay down!!"

I did just that. I laid on my side in a fetal position, protecting my stomach and our baby inside, with both my arms. There was a great deal of screaming, and clash of weapons well above my head, but I never saw any of it. I guess I blacked out, or a spell was put on me or something.

When I woke up I was covered with blood, but it wasn't mine, it was Thalion's. He was draped over me in a protective position, bleeding from several wounds. I managed to get out from under him and tried to give him CPR, but I could find no pulse, and his skin was cold. I sat with Thalion's battered head on my knees and wailed until I could wail no more.

Suddenly a man and a woman appeared out of nowhere. The woman knelt beside me and gently pulled me to my feet while the man knelt beside Thalion.

"He's gone," the man said.

I could tell that the man was Thalion's father. Thalion resembled . him greatly. The woman was Thalion's mother. When I had calmed a little, they told me that I must leave that area, that it wasn't safe for me there. They said there was a bus leaving from the main terminal in our town, and I must be on it in two days' time. they said that I must go to Serenity Rest on Peace Island. and that I must raise their grandchild there. The woman gave me a ticket that appeared in her outstretched hand out of nowhere.

I took it, and I said that I could just fly to my aunt's place, but Thalion's mother said that I was not to use any other form of public transit except that particular bus. She said that 'the predator' as she called it, would never be able to find me there. I understand better when I got on the bus. Time and space were fluid inside the bus. Tracking it down would be tricky, even for a magical creature.

When I got home covered in blood, my mother went right into shock. She started to call 911, but I stopped her. I told the blood wasn't mine, it was Thalion's blood. I told her that Thalion was dead.

It was then that my mother called our local adoption agency. She didn't want me to raise a child alone like she did. She got pregnant in her senior year of high school like me. The difference was that my mother forced my father to marry her. He stuck around just long enough for me to be born, and to give me his name. When I was three months old, he took off.

I had told my mother that Thalion and I were going to get married, so she stopped talking about adoption for awhile. When she learned that Thalion was dead, she called the adoption agency. Two days later, I ran away and boarded the bus. I called my aunt from the bus stop, and she was more than happy to take me and the baby in.

The End

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