I told Uncle Ben everything, from the vision to the recent phone call from Mike. There was a silence on the other end of the line. I didn't break the silence, Uncle Ben liked to think things through before making any major decisions. In about five minutes, Aunt Sarah came on the line.

"Hello there Glory girl."

" Aunt Sarah? Where's Uncle Ben?"

"He went to get some specialized medicine. From what he told me, your friend might be subject to infection from his bite wounds that normal antibiotics won't touch. Doctor Reese, the trauma specialist will be on board with us. Ben was going to pilot, but he thought he'd rather sit with you and your friends and just.. hang out."

I grinned. Great Aunt Sarah and Great Uncle Ben were two generations ahead of me, but they were still young at heart.

"Are you going with us Aunt Sarah?'

"I thought I'd stay here and bond with my little namesake. I know you told Ben that you were going to ask Mrs parker the housekeeper to stay with her for the few hours you'll be away, but I'd rather do it."

"Well sure Aunt Sarah, but I just assumed you would go with us."

"I'd rather stay here Gloria. I have reasons of my own."

That sounded mysterious, but time was of the essence, so I didn't question her.

"Oh, alright. I'll just throw some warm clothes on. It's autumn cool where Morgan is. Then I'll meet Uncle Ben at the Heliport."

Twenty minutes later I arrived at the heliport, which was just beyond the castle keep. Uncle Ben was already in the helicopter. I climbed into the seat beside him.

This rescue helicopter had two rows of three seats each, facing each other. They were behind the cockpit, which was closed off by a wall and a door.  The emergency unit was behind the seats, which was also closed off by a wall and door. The unit had room for four stretchers. They were mounted on each side, bunk bed style There was an oxygen unit, plus a portable xray machine and heart monitor. There were several other medical  machines that I couldn't identify.

As soon as I was seat belted in, we took off.  On the way, I explained to Uncle Ben the entire situation concerning Morgan and her grandmother. This included an angry tirade against the greedy developers who were trying to take her land against her wishes. I also mentioned that Mrs. B. suspected the court order to vacate the property was phony.

When I finally finished, Uncle Ben quietly took out his cell phone and called somebody. When he finished, he explained.

"I've got the best real estate attorney in her state on the way to Mrs. B.'s place right now. He will arrive there just about the time we do. It is up to her to accept his services or not. He would be able to tell if the court order is legitimate. If it isn't, he can charge the developer with fraud. If it is legitimate, he can work toward getting it rescinded."

"I know that Mrs. B. is worried about money right now, she might not accept a high priced attorney."

"She won't be asked to pay for his services. I'll already have him on retainer."

It was just about dawn by the time we landed in Mrs. B.'s field.  The helicopter's high powered search lights found a good spot to land in a former horse paddock.

We weren't far from the house, so the medical team wasted no time  getting a stretcher to the house as soon as the rotors stopped. uncle Ben and I followed right behind. the attorney uncle Ben spoke about waited for us beside his car. uncle Ben went to him, and they followed behind me, deep in conversation.

Morgan's grandmother came out of the house to meet me before I was half way there.  She held out her hand in greeting.

"I"m Haddie B. Morgan's grandmother. "

I shook her hand.

"I'm Gloria, Mrs. B. I see the rescue unit are already in the house. How is Ash?"

"The same, still in a coma. Morgan is with him, she won't leave him. Her strength is keeping him alive. I don't understand too much about this Faerie stuff. I only just found out about her heritage when she got home from the bus. I understand that it was you who told her about it."

"Yes, I saw it in her aura."

"Would you be able to tell from Ash's aura if he will live?"

"I can only tell how he is now. I can't tell his future well being from that."

We were approaching the house when she put an arm on my elbow to stop me for a moment.

"Thank you so much for this Gloria. We didn't know where else to turn. Are you sure your uncle doesn't mind?"

"Not at all. He sees this whole thing as an adventure."

When we entered the house, Uncle Ben and his attorney were already there, talking to Mike. As soon as all the introductions were made, uncle Ben took Mrs. B. aside and explained the whole thing about the attorney. The conversation included the fact that she wouldn't be expected to pay for his expertise.

Within half an hour the doctor had examined Ash, and put him on an IV drip. He was strapped onto a collapsible gurney that was ready to roll. They took him out to the helicopter where they could take Xrays, etc. and continue his treatment.

Morgan stayed with him until Ash was on the gurney, and hooked up to the IV. She began to follow the the gurney to the helicopter, but the doctor stopped her. He told her that there was only room for the rescue team in the medical unit of the helicopter. I stood beside her as we watched them carry Ash to the helicopter.  then she turned to me.

"You have no idea what all of this means to me Gloria. Ash would have died without your help. I don't know how I can ever thank you enough."

"You don't have to, you just have to concentrate on Ash. As soon as we get to Peace Island, we'll put him in a private room in the hospital. You can stay with him all day long if you like. We can set you up in a room beside him if you like, at least until he's not likely to need your strength at times during the night."

We went back into the kitchen where, Mike, uncle Ben and Mrs. B. were sitting at the table, drinking coffee.

Uncle Ben and Mrs. B. had been deep in conversation with the attorney when Pete Sr. arrived. Mrs. B. was surprised to say the least.

"While he was talking to Mike, Mrs. B. took Morgan aside.

"What is Pete doing here?"

"I called him. He agreed to look after the place if you decide to come with us, the attorney will be here too, to fight off the developers' lawyers."  Morgan explained.

"I can't leave now, with this whole land thing going on. We have bills to pay. I have to be here to cash my pension checks."

"It's only for a visit grandma. You have to get away from this place, away from Devil's Flats. I don't like leaving you here in case there's another demon on the loose. Besides, my collage fund will pay the bills for awhile."

"What? I won't even accept that possibility. You are going back to school, young lady! '

Uncle Ben was standing right behind Morgan when Mrs. B. said that.

"It won't be necessary to use Morgan's college fund, Mrs. B. All of that will be taken care of while you're away."

"Really? I'..I'm really grateful, but I don't understand. You just met us, yet you're willing to pay our bills?"

"It's for Gloria's sake. Morgan is her friend. Whatever worries Gloria, worries us. Right now, Morgan's well being as well as yours, worries her."

"Well thank you so much. I'll find to a way to pay you back."

"No need."

As they spoke, Mrs. B. went to the closet to get her coat. She turned to me.

"Should I pack anything, Gloria? Ash is in the best of hands right now, so maybe I could throw some things in a suitcase."

"That would be a good idea, but pack summer weight clothing. The island is semi tropical."

Morgan and Mrs. B. went upstairs to pack.


The End

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