A friend in need

I sat on the edge of the bed and clapped my slippered feet together. It's something I always did when I was on edge or ancey. It had been an hour since I called Mike, and I had no way of knowing what was happening.

My dream was real. I could always tell when a dream was just a dream, or when was actually a vision of the the past, present or future. This was a vision of the present, and I knew something awful was happening at or near Morgan's grandmother's farm.

Snippets of the dream flashed through my mind, but not long enough to catch hold of one. I only remembered that blood and fury were involved. The strongest images and emotions of a vision were often the only things that stayed with me after I woke up.

I went over to Sarah Morgan's crib and looked down at her. I finally got her back to sleep after I woke her up screaming from the nightmare. I loved her so much! Out of the corner of my eye I caught a fleeting aura that hovered over Sarah's crib. That happened often since she was born. Her Elven grandparents were probably hovering again. They would have been alerted when she woke up screaming.

My worry and fear lessened a bit as I watched my beautiful daughter sleep. She always had a calming affect on me when I was upset. I think it was the Elven magic in her that reached out to me.

My cell phone pealed out the first few bars of the William Tell overture, or as most people thought of it, the Lone Ranger theme. I jumped and cast a quick glance at Sarah Morgan. She was still sleeping soundly. I ran to the bureau to answer it before Sarah did wake up.

"Hello?"  I said in a hushed tone.

" Gloria, this is Mike.."

"Mike! What happened?"

 I screamed in a whisper, if that's even possible.

"Mrs. B. and I went up to Devil's Flats and found Morgan there with Ash Van Helsing."

"Ash,  why... ? I interrupted

"Ash was fighting some sort of demon up there, and he killed it, but it left him almost dead. Morgan was drained of all her energy when we got there. I think she would have stayed with him till she died herself if we hadn't showed up when we did. It's a good thing you had that dream and alerted us."

"Yeah, I'm glad you found them in time. I'm glad my vision helped this time. Mostly they don't. Anyway are they alright?"

"I was able to lend some of my strength long enough to get him back to Mrs. B.'s house. Morgan and I have both been trying to heal him, but he's badly mangled. The local ambulance won't even come up here because of the curse on Demon Flats. We could take him to the hospital in Mrs. B.'s car, but he wouldn't survive the trip. Morgan told me that your aunt and uncle's island has a medical facility...?

He ended that speech on a hopeful note.

"Peace island does have a full hospital......"

Then it dawned on me.

"Of course. you want to bring him here!"

"Yes, we would please, if there was a way....."

"Say no more. The island hospital has a fully equipped rescue helicopter that will fit all of us, plus the medical people."

"All of us? I assumed we were only talking about Ash and Morgan."

"No, Morgan needs you and her grandmother just in case.."

I couldn't finish the sentence. I could feel tears form behind my closed eyelids. I didn't know Ash well, but I did know Morgan, and I empathized with her pain.

"Well I'll go certainly, but Mrs. B. might want to stay at home. The developers in the area have been giving her a hard time. I think she might have to stay and physically defend her farm from illegally obtained court orders to vacate her property. We were discussing that possibility when you called about your dream."

"Alright, I understand. I'll call Uncle Ben and see how soon he can have the helicopter up and running."

"Your uncle is a pilot?"

"Yes, and a good one. He owns the island, the hospital, and the helicopters. Anyone that works here, lives here, and everything is supplied. Anyway, we'll try to be there in an hour. It's the middle of the night, so we'll have to wake up some emergency personnel."

"An hour? where is that island?"

"Well, that's a matter of interpretation. It depends on who you ask, and where you ask, but for the moment it doesn't matter. Do you think that Ash can make it for another hour?"

"He seems to have settled into a coma. It's hard to tell, but he doesn't seem to be getting any worse. He's still breathing, barely, and his heart is beating weakly."

"We'll get there as soon as we can. Oh and Mike? Tell Gloria that there if there is any way that we can help Ash, we will."

"I'll tell her. that will reassure her I think. "

"Good, well I better go. The sooner gone, the sooner there."

I hung up and hit the speed dial for My uncle's cell. My bedroom was in a turret of Serenity Rest, the castle on Peace Island that I lived in. We used our cell phones unless we were in the same room, or in rooms close by. My aunt and uncle's main suite was a quarter of a mile away , but still in the same castle. We all had our own staff. I could have had a nanny for Sarah Morgan, but I didn't want one.

"Hi honey. What's up?"

Uncle Ben always answered that way.

"I need to ask you the most humongous favour."

"Fire away baby girl. You know you can ask us for anything."

The End

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