The search.

Morgan was in trouble. For such a quiet kid she had guts. I also felt extremely proud of her.

The rain was stopping as Mrs.B and I ran from the house. Well I ran. Mrs.B moves very quick for an older lady but still maintains grace.

"Find her exactly" I tried to link with her. Normally a link wouldn't be this strong but she was my daughter.

"This way" Mrs.B knew exactly what I was picking up on. In her old boots she walked through the feild remaining clam. I could feel she was worried for morgan but she was maintaining a calm structure. It gave me more faith in morgan aswell. If Mrs.B hadn't been pushing me on I would have stopped in my tracks, there was someone else in trouble. Someone else I knew. Such a faint link but still it existed.

As the looming flat drew closer and closer I began calling for morgan.

"Morgan! Morgan?" I projected my voice across the landscape waking birds from their nests and causing them to fly out of their trees. There was no reply but she couldn't be far.

"Over there, where the ravens have started to circle." Mrs.B. hiched up her skirt and moved towards a black swirling mass of silent birds.

The End

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