Off to the Rescue

But Mike didn’t get a chance to tell Haddie how he and Morgan met because his phone rang. He apologized as he pulled it out of his pocket.

“Who is it?” she asked seeing his puzzled expression.

“Gloria, Morgan’s friend, she just had a baby.”

“Well answer it.” Haddie shoed him out into the hall. She began to pack the dishes into the dishwasher when she got a chill. Just then Mike turned to talk to her.

“Mrs. B, would you check on Morgan, I don’t want to disturb her, but her friend seems to think she might be in trouble.”

Haddie was halfway up the stairs by the time he was finished. There was a chill breeze coming from Morgan’s room. As soon as she opened the door, Haddie saw why. The girl’s windows was wide open. Haddie went to close it, when her eye caught the bed. No one was in it. She turned back to the window. Her breath caught in her throat.

“Fire and figures on Devil’s Flat and Morgan’s gone out her window,” she said as she descended the stairs to Mike. “Something wicked,” she muttered to herself, “I can feel it in my bones. I’ll tan that child if she’s still alive, you’d think she’d know better. You’d think..”

“I’ll go get her.” Mike’s voice brought Haddie out of her muttering.

“You’ll get lost in the woods and we need supplies.” Someone was hurt up there, she could feel that much. Someone was hurting badly, but try as she might she could not see who. “Damn premonitions,” she muttered heading into the pantry for the lantern and first aid kit. “Never telling you exactly what you need to know.” She projected her voice out to Mike now. “Get me two, no three blankets from the living room, Mike dear.”

Haddie wrestled with the first aid kit. Annoyed she’d put it on the top shelf.

“Let me get that Mrs. B.” She could tell by his tone he wanted to get going. So did she. At last, loaded up they headed out the door. Haddie was thankful the rain had at least stopped.

The End

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