Serena's Death

Haddie sighed, “So Morgan told you?”

“Not in so many words, it was sort of,” Mike paused a moment, “implied.”

As with Morgan’s use of the word interesting to describe her bus ride, Haddie knew there was more to be told. She wasn’t going to press, not now, not with what she had to tell Mike. She heaved a big sigh. A part of her still blamed herself. She had known the night would end badly if they went. She could have done more to convince Serena.

“Serena was low on work. Everyone around here was either too old or too young to be having children. So she took a case up at the Institution in Greensborough.”

“The Asylum?” Mike asked slightly shocked.

Haddie nodded, “And she insisted Morgan go with her, said she had a calming effect on the patients there.”

“Morgan assisted her?”

“She has since she was eight.” Haddie looked sadly at Mike. “Morgan wasn’t always as shy and quiet as you see her now. Serena’s death hit her hard, very hard, and understandably so.” Haddie got up and put on the kettle to make tea. Mike brought their dishes to the sink. She turned back to him.

“Morgan was there when it happened, Mike. It still haunts her, but she won’t talk of it.”

Mike nodded. “She had a nightmare, while on the bus, but Gloria’s water broke before I could ask her about it.”


“Morgan’s friend,” he stated simply

Haddie’s eyebrows raised. Morgan had made a friend that was good news. Perhaps she was finally healing.

“So how did it happen?”

Haddie finished making the tea. She could tell Mike really wanted to know. She gave him one of the cups of tea. “Apparently Morgan had been sent to get sedation for the girl so Serena could do a C‑section. By the time they had returned, it looked like Serena had tried to do one without sedation but the girl had fought back. All three, Serena, the girl and the babe were dead. The police suspected foul play, but nothing could ever be proved.” Haddie took a sip of her tea. “Morgan was the first person on the scene. She didn’t speak for two weeks after. The police weren’t very forth coming either.”

Haddie sipped her tea, letting the information she had given him sink in.

“So,” she asked when he had set his tea cup down. “How did you and Morgan manage to find each other?”

The End

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