Devil's Flat

I open my window with as little sound as possible and slide onto the porch roof. It’s slippery with the rain. But I don’t notice that much. Quiet as a mouse I move to the outer corner and edge over where the gutter runs down. My foot slips once and I close my eyes.

Invisible, I’m invisible, I repeat to myself before slowly finishing my decent. I freeze just before I jump off. I swear Dad look right through me. Invisible, I’m invisible.

I am now soaked. The rain is blinding, but I know my way well. I’ve never been on Devil’s Flat, but I know the woods around it like my own mind. I crouch low as I cross the lawn. Forget opening the gate, I leap over it. I’m going full tilt now dodging trees. I glance up towards the Devil’s Flat.

The fight up there is intense. I have to get there. Rage is exploding inside me. Innocent lives; including a babe that hadn’t even been fully born. I clutch my letter opener tightly. The back of my mind tells me it’s a useless weapon. I don’t care.

The closer I get the more I sense the beast. Righteous fury is filling my body. How dare it come back. How dare it attack Ash. How dare it kill innocents. How dare it kill my mother. I scream as I leap onto the flat and fly at the beast.

My mind is dark. Emotions control me now. I kick it hard, knocking it off Ash. The sight of Ash, battered and broken, like a mirror of my mother, incites me even more. My letter opener glistens with the rain. It glows as I slash the beast. It can only throw its hand up to try and protect itself. I am relentless.

“Who are you?” It growls at me.

“I am Morgan and you have killed too many.” The storm is receding.

It laughs at me. It eyes seem to penetrate into my soul. “You have no idea who I am.”

“You killed my mother.”

“She would take that which belongs to a Van Helsing!” His claw reaches out for me, but it gives me the chance I need to grab the saber stuck in his chest.

Moonlight floods Devil’s Flat. I feel stronger than I ever have before. “An innocent life taken before it even lived!” I twist the saber in his chest. It laughs. My eyes narrow. “Burn in Hell!”

Sparks shoot from my fingers. They dance down the saber and ignite the beast on fire. Now it screams. The fire is gone. The beast is ash.


I turn to his broken body. He is barely breathing. I feel drained. I need the sun. Moonlight shines upon us. I try to check his injuries. There is too much broken. Not that I would have the strength to move him. I collapse, my hand over his heart.

In my mind I see him as a mischievous child. I link with that. I feel a flow of energy from the moon though me into him. It is brief and it drains the rest of my energy. My eyes slowly close. I can only hope for the sun to revive me, or Grandma and Dad find us.

The End

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