Filling the gaps

After Morgan had left the room. Mrs.B turned to me.

"Ah. Its been a while Mike"

"I'm sorry Mrs.B. Serena didn't want me contacting any of you. She was right to. I wasn't me after the accident." I lowered my head without actually breaking my eye contact with Mrs.B. I highly respected her. She had been the only person I have ever looked up to. She had not only been able to tame that wild spirit that had been Serena but she had never judged me. I noticed how many similarities Morgan had to her Grandmother.

"I know. She made a decision and she wouldn't change it. Still you really hurt her Mike." She broke eye contact with me. I knew she was disapointed with me. "Even the best fall down sometimes Mike"  I dared to look back up at her. She was such a kind woman. I knew nobody else like her.

"Thank you Mrs.B"

"Besides that George she married had no back bone and I'm sure he resented me. No respect for his elders or tradition." She shook her head. One thing you should never do is disrespect Mrs.B.  I would have thought it impossible not to respect her.

"How did it happen?" I know Mrs.B doesn't hold with small talk to step round a subject.

She sighed and sat down across from me as I cleared my plates into a pile.

The End

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