Gloria's Call

As Mike and Morgan rode out to the farm with Pete senior, Morgan's cell phone rang. Morgan took the phone out of her pocket, worrying about the minutes, and how much it would cost to top them up.


Morgan hadn't paid extra for caller ID, so she had no idea who she was talking to.

"Hi Morgan. Before you worry about the charges and your minutes, don't. I'm calling from Aunt Sarah's land line, and she gave me permission to reverse the charges. You won't lose any minutes. We can talk as long as we like."

"Your Aunt doesn't mind?"

"Nope. She's been listed as Canada's richest citizen for the last seven years. She has a brilliant mind for investments, so don't worry about the cost. Are you still on the bus?"

"No, I'm just riding home with a neighbour. Dad is with me."

"Your grandmother hasn't met Mike yet then. Well, I won't keep you too long. Sarah Morgan just wants to say hello to her namesake."

Morgan giggled.

"Say hello? She's a newborn, I'd be lucky if she's awake let alone able to say hello."

"Umm Morgan, since you just got off the bus, you probably haven't noticed the time difference yet. Time on the bus is... hmmm, how do I say this? It's .... fluid. Time doesn't flow in a linear manner like it does in the rest of the world. Sarah Morgan is a year old now. When I called you right after she was born, I still had the influence of the bus on me, and I was able to get through. I've tried for the last year to call you, with no luck."

"I was going to give you my grandmother's number, but I didn't know if I was even going to get off the bus when you left. I was worried about whether dad would come with me, or if he did, would Grandma accept him. "

"It's just as well, because here in the real world it took you a whole year to get home! Anyway, if I don't let Sarah Morgan talk to you, she 's going to eat the receiver. She's teething, and she's gnawing on it as I hold it for her. Say hello to Auntie Morgan, Sarah."

Gloria held the receiver for the little girl, as she spoke to her name sake.

"Huwwoh... Morgggguh."

Morgan laughed happily. Suddenly she felt wonderful! She was so worried about everything, but as soon as she started talking to Sarah Morgan, she stopped worrying about anything. She  supposed that her Faerie destiny of caring for babies made her feel good.

What Morgan didn't know was that Sarah Morgan was using her Elven magic to make Morgan feel better.

"We're nearly here, Gloria. I've been seeing SOLD signs on many of our neighbour's farms. I don't see one at Grandma's gate, but I suppose it's only a matter of time. Before I went on the bus, a big land developer was making big noises about a rich subdivision. I know grandma needs the money."

"Really? Aunt Sarah knows all about land, and Real Estate investments. She's very very good at it. She knows everything that happened on the bus, and how much you helped me, and that I consider you my best friend."

"You do?" 

Morgan blushed. That was unexpected, they hadn't known each other that long. Gloria blushed too. She hadn't meant to blurt that out.

"Yes I do. You're the only other person on the earth besides Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ben and Thalion that I've trusted enough to tell about my ability to see auras."


The baby's father, a long story for another time. Anyway, ask your grandmother to give my aunt a call. Do you still have the number I gave you before I left the bus?"

"Yes, I do. I made sure. I wanted to call you later."

"Good, I think Aunt Sarah can work something out for your grandmother so that she won't have to sell the farm."

"Your aunt would do that? She doesn't know us."

"She will if I ask her to. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben never had kids. They've been really good to me. I think it's because I'm the only other one besides Aunt Sarah that can see auras."

Pete senior's old truck came to a halt in front of Morgan's grandmother's house.

"I have to go now Gloria, we're here. If I can't get grandma to call your aunt, maybe your aunt can call her. I'll give you the number."

Morgan gave Gloria the number as she wrote it down on a pad by the phone.

"I'll talk to you later Gloria, one way or the other. 'Bye now."

Morgan hung up as she walked toward her grandmother's front door with her father beside her.

The End

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