Good Versus Evil

Elektra watches the coveted sword levitate away from her as it follows Galadriel, the Queen of the Forest Elves. She screeches with abject fury. Helena laughs with amusement at her enemy's frustration.

The sword knows a better master than thee or me, Elektra. You shall not have it to wreak havoc among its friends,” Helena says, her musical voice sounding inside Elektra's head.

The nasty Van Helsing woman turns her anger on the Faerie Queen as she struggles to drag herself off the pile of rubble that Helena's air affinity has pushed her onto.

You will rue the day you defied me, Faerie Queen. To me, Blackheart!” she screams at her massive ebony dragon.

The beast kneels submissively before her as she mounts the saddle between its leather wings. As the dragon tries to become airborne, Helena concentrates her affinity as a solid barrier of air directly above it. It tries to burn through the invisible obstacle with its fiery breath, but only succeeds in singing itself as the flames come back and set its own wingtips alight. The dragon then lowers its head and shoots its fire horizontally directly at Helena. The Faerie just laughs and flies above the air barrier where the dragon can't get at her.

Meanwhile, the Elven Queen Galadriel takes a quick look back at this confrontation as she leads Mike's sword away from the fray. She decides Helena doesn't need her help, so she flies high above the forest toward the parapet of the stronghold. She can see Mike's whip of fire is beginning to waver as his strength ebbs from the pain of his broken arm, and the energy required to stay alive against the Van Helsings' evil minions. She lands deftly beside him and gently lowers his arm to the stone floor. A mixed contingent of airborne Faeries and Elves take up the slack against the horde as Mike's whip dissipates into the air. Mike is just about to protest when he sees his gleaming sword floating in Galadriel's wake.

Sangern,” he breathes its name, in utter astonishment of seeing it again. He had thought it smashed by the golem when the stone hand fell. Upon the mention of its name, it floats to Mike's side and lay itself down on the stone floor, it's hilt resting against his thigh. The Elven Queen kneels beside him and begins to straighten his broken arm out. When he flinches, she quietly explains her intentions.

I am Galadriel, Queen of the Forest Elves, and mother to Thalion. He has asked me to heal your wounds and broken bones so you may once again take up your sword against the Van Helsing hordes. I will splint the arm while I sing a spell of healing. You must try to hold still as best you can, or the bones will not knit evenly, and may be easily re-broken.”

I am most grateful Your Majesty, but how long do you think it will take?” Mike says, trying not to show his impatience.

It will take about a half hour to complete the chant and healing process, but the bones won't be thoroughly set for an hour at least,” Galadrial explains as she splints Mike's arm with a length of oak branch she had collected on her way to the stronghold.

Mike lay flat on his back with the injured arm straight out for easier access to the Faerie Queen. He closes his eyes as the battle rages around him. He is around the curve of the battlements and cannot see Morgan being dragged away by Judas. He tries to contact her mentally, but all he can feel from her is grey exhaustion and confusion. Galadriel's rhythmic chanting above him taps into his own fatigue, and lulls him into a deep slumber while he heals. She gives him a full two hours of rest before she wakes him. He sits up to find that there are no longer a horde of monstrous creatures crawling up the walls and screeching overhead. Elves and Faeries are flying everywhere, making sure that the stronghold is secure. This will be their base of operations now, where the last great battle between good and evil will be fought.

Wh ... where is everybody?” Mike asks Galadriel.

This is unknown to me. I concentrated only on the healing as the battle raged around us,” she answers.

Mike tries to see into Morgan's mind, but he is met with only darkness and silence. Either she is out of range, or she is not conscious. Just as he stands up, Gloria runs around the bend of the stronghold wall, with Theo right behind.

Mike, Thank God you're awake. Judas has dragged Morgan back down to the dungeon, and there's a solid wall of creatures preventing us from going down there after them. I think he might be trying to lure Ash down there, using Morgan as bait,” Gloria tells him.

Sangern, to me!” he shouts, and the sword flies into his now completely healed hand. He sets off at a dead run with Gloria and Theo bringing up the rear.

When Thalion leaves his mother, he intends to join Gloria at the parapet, but he is sidetracked by Galen. The young shape shifter is no longer in his favourite guise as a dragon like his friend Llewellyn. He is now a small songbird who perches himself in front of Thalion as he sits astride Llewellyn. He turns himself into the teenage human that he is as himself, and shouts into the Prince's ears above the din of battle.

I've flown over the golem, and I can see the magic creation inscription on his forehead that the wizard Shanahan used to build him out of the outer stone wall of the stronghold. The rule of destruction is the opposite of the rule of creation. If I turn myself into a golem, I can try to remove the creation inscription by smashing its head in, and destroying it. It's unlikely that the golem is going to let me do that without putting up a fight, so I wanted to tell you what I'm going to do in case I don't see you again.”

Impulsively, Galen throws his arms around the Elven Prince and gives him a quick, hard hug.

I want to thank you for all that you and Princess Gloria have done for me, and that I love you both very much. Please say goodbye to her for me.”

My wife and I feel the same way about you and Llewellyn. You are both worth saving. Please be careful. It would break our hearts to lose you. I do not wish this to be a final goodbye. We will follow you and help as best we can. Please relay this message to Llewellyn.”

Awkwardly, Thalion hugs the boy, and pats him on the back. Galen turns himself back into the songbird and flies toward the dragon's ear. After a few moments, Thalion feels a shudder of fear run through his mount that he has never felt before, in spite of the danger they have been in all day. The fear is for his friend.

Galen keeps his shape as a songbird, and flies beside Llewellyn's head, saying goodbye, as they approach the golem. It is surrounded by elves and faeries, trying to slow its progress toward the stronghold. The young prince pulls a flute from his garments and gives a high pitched whistle. Within moments, all the elves within hearing surround him. He tells them to ask the faeries to back away and give Galen room. This is done quickly.

The golem now stands alone among the dead and dying carcasses of friend and foe in the area just before the moat of the castle. It looks around in confusion, then begins to step forward, but is stopped in its tracks by a stone fist as big as its own, ploughing toward its head. It is Galen, who has become another golem, only with two hands. It ducks just in time to preserve its head, but loses an ear in the process.

It throws a wild punch with its remaining hand and strikes Galen in the chest, just as he manages to cave in the stone creature's forehead, thus destroying the magical inscription. The Golem crumbles to a pile of rubble, but the blow to Galen's chest turns him back into a human, and he begins to fall to the ground from mid air. Llewellyn swoops under him, and Thalion catches him, holding him close until they land. The brave boy's chest is as caved in as the golem's head. He has already breathed his last, but Thalion sings all the healing chants he knows, but to no avail. Galen is gone. Llewellyn's roar of grief followed by his flaming breath, sends all the elves and faeries scattering to safety.

The End

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