Battle Lines

Thalion breathes a sigh of relief to see the triple fast flutter of Faerie wings fill the air with rainbow colours, as the sun's rays reflect upon them. There is a split second of absolute stillness as Queen Helena beholds the battle around and beneath her. On her left hand side, he can see with great pride and dismay, flies his mother, Queen Galadriel. He looks at his wrist, where the gold and diamond circlet he wears glows with her presence. Gloria wears one also. A drop of blood belonging to everyone he loves is contained in a diamond snowflake that glows when they are in danger. His mother owns a similar circlet which is presently glowing blood red, indicating her son's degree of danger.

On the Queen's right hand side, Mike's father, Cecil of Ollerond surveys the scene in high bad humour. He absolutely despises the fact that he has been proven horribly wrong about the goodness of the Van Helsings. Regardless, fight he must. The survival of the Ollerond clan depends on it. Mike and Morgan, Cecil's heirs apparent are in the thick of it somewhere, he is quite certain. If all three of them die, then his older son, Kane will take Cecil's place at court, whom he feels would do a better job than Mike, who married a human of all things. Still, he is duty bound, so he flies forward, intending to fly toward the stronghold, whose cold grey stonework rises above the trees.

Queen Helena makes a signal to her horn blower, and he makes one clear final blast, a signal to enter the battle. The faerie hordes split off to the left and right, with the centre section following Her Majesty into the clearing, where the helicopter still lay on its side. It is now a hospital ward of sorts, with Katha tending the wounded, who are being carried there because it is the only sheltered place with someone there to treat them. The Helicopter is a military rescue unit, so it can hold many victims of the battle. The Queen sends two healers of her own down there to help. She continues on through the clearing, toward the golem, who is still flailing about with the one arm that still has a hand attached. She is halted in her flight by the almost blinding gleam of Mike's sword, which is on the ground near the pile of rubble that was once the golem's hand. She flies down toward it, recognizing it as being partially faerie wrought.

A high pitched screech comes from nearby, as Electra Van Helsing approaches the storied blade on the back of an evil looking black dragon.

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!” she screams as she dismounts the beast and goes for the weapon on the run.

No. You shall not have it,” Helena's quiet voice resonates inside Electra's head with the steely confidence of command. She touches down, intending to retrieve it for its owner, whom she hopes has only lost it through injury, and not death.

Electra shakes her head violently to rid her mind of the hated voice of her enemy. Then she puts all of her attention on the matter at hand - the beautiful sword. She reaches it first, and bends to pick it up, but it skitters away. She reaches for it, and it turns on her. It is within the sword's nature to reject an enemy who would use it against its master. Helena uses her elemental power to push Elektra away from the sword. She stumbles back and lands on her bony old evil butt. She howls with fury.

You will not ... you will not treat me with such disrespect!” she tries to use the mental power Shanaghan has given her to change Ash, but she is met with such strong resistance that it gives her the worst migraine ever.

Helena laughs in real amusement. The ugly old bat doesn't frighten her a bit. She is only human after all, no match for a royal faerie. What does worry her somewhat is the fact that Elektra can command the black dragon she rides on. Its flame thrower breath can do real damage to Helena's wings. As the good Queen, and the evil human face off, Galadriel flies over, in search of her son, Thalion. She sees the beautiful weapon and knows immediately that it is wrought with both elven and faerie spells. She reaches out and makes a gentle, non threatening gesture, 'come with me', hoping they will pass near the rightful owner, so it will go to his / her side. It levitates slowly and follows in her wake.

Thalion halts his flight toward the parapet to go and greet his mother. They meet in mid air and hug. Thalion releases her, and glares at her with a deep frown of concern.

What are you doing here, mother? Is our realm in the Amazon still in danger?”

No, my son. Your father has it well under control. There is only the dead and dying of Van Helsing's horde left on the Amazon battlefield. Our elven forces were about evenly matched with theirs, when a sound like sudden thunder pierced the air and frightened the evil minions to silence. Then the ones that were still able to fly, or walk, left the battlefield abruptly. I was elated to realize that the battle here must be going badly for the Van Helsings, and their magical creatures were called back to bolster their failing troops. I knew you would be in the thick of it all, so I followed the departing Amazon horde here. I joined Queen Helena on her way in. Tell me what is happening, and how I can help."

There is a faery that desperately needs your legendary healing skills. He is the the father of Gloria's friend, Morgan. He sustained a broken arm doing battle with the golem. That sword I see behind you is his. I'm hoping that you can help him to the point that he can use it again. After all, you brought me back from the dead.”

I had your father's help, plus the deep love of both of us to do that, but I'll do what I can.”

Thank you Mother. Please be careful. The creatures around you are doing badly, and are therefore desperate. I love you.” He kissed her on the cheek, and turned to join Gloria on the parapet.

The End

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