Thalion on the Move

I took one last look toward the parapet, where my darling Gloria stood back to back with her faerie friend, Morgan. I had to smile, because they looked ready to take on the entire horde by themselves. I had never been prouder, but I couldn't think about that. I had a job to do. I trod air above the parapet in the same manner that a swimmer would tread water. I gave all my concentration on putting a protective spell around Gloria and Morgan. If the creatures on the wall tried to attack them, they would just run into the invisible barrier. If I had more time, I could make the spell last longer than half an hour, but I had no time, I had to go.

I flew above the forest, the battle raging below. I soon found the clearing where the helicopter had landed. As I flew closer, I saw that all Hell had broken loose in that tiny open segment among the trees. The battered helicopter was almost on its side, so I could see inside. A faerie was tending to one of my wounded archers. As much as I had never had much use for faeries before, they were beginning to grow on me. Right then I was grateful for their presence.

From my bird's eye view I could see that a section of the castle's wall had broken free, and had taken the form of a giant made of stone. I could feel a spirit of the ancient Golem race, struggling to break the Van Helsing bond of slavery, but it could not. It could only kill, as it was ordered to do. It smashed and crashed everything in its path.

When I entered the clearing I could see one faerie sitting on a cushion of air, throwing bursts of gale force winds at it. Several boulders fell off its shoulders and head, but it kept on coming. As I got closer, I recognized the faerie as Theo, the one I was looking for. I flew up to him and stepped lightly on his cushion of air. He pulled his gaze away from the Golem, clearly annoyed at the distraction, then he saw that it was me, and he was confused.

Y ... Your Highness, what ... ? he stuttered.

No time to explain. You must go to the castle parapet. Your friend Morgan and Princess Gloria need you.”

Yes, I will, but ...” he turned his eyes back to the Golem, who was still moving forward.

Go – NOW!” I shouted at him. I had no time to argue. Something terrible was happening on the ground that I had to attend to.

I swung my arm in a circle to enclose him in a bubble of protection, then said my spell to make it stick. I made a swift pushing motion, and his cushion of air scudded through the clearing, and into the trees. With that part of my mission taken care of, I flew down towards the Golem's legs, where the faerie Mike was going at it with the most beautiful sword I have ever seen. I had to admire his courage, if not his wisdom in attacking a mountain with a toothpick. Big boulders were flying everywhere from the sword's strikes, but it still didn't effect the Golem much. Then the stone creature swatted at the offending faerie, and threw him aside under a flurry of flying rocks. I could hear his scream, and see his sword arm become broken and useless from the attack. The stone arm came at Mike again, but it was stopped temporarily by a wall of fire, being controlled by the redheaded faerie, Layla. I knew she wouldn't be able to hold the Golem back for long, so I had to do something - fast!

We were in the middle of a clearing surrounded by any number of different species of trees. Many of them sported living vines, that were stronger than steel wire, when braided properly. I flew up to the centre of the clearing, where my song could be heard by all the trees around me. As the the Crown Prince of the Forest Clan, I was born with the ability to communicate with all of nature, including trees. I flexed my wings and flew towards the stone creature, as I sang to the trees and the vines, in their own language. To anyone but an elf, it would sound like the wind in the forest.

Vines of the forest, come to me
Weave a braid so strong and true
That even a Golem can't stop you

Ivy vines come to me
Bind the Golem's wrist
So it cannot make a fist

Flower bearing vines come to me
Stop the hand that wants to end
The life of our fine faerie friend

I reached the Golem's fist just as the wall of fire fell. Several hundred lengths of vines had followed me as I sang. I threw my arms forwards in a gripping gesture, and the vines wound themselves around the stone fist so thick that it looked like it was wearing a furry mitten. The Golem shook its fist, but it wasn't directed at the two faeries. It was in the process of being broken apart by balls of water, telekinesis, and freezing air. My Gloria and her friends had been very busy. I landed on the piles of stones and vines which used to be the Golem's fist, and gave a sigh of relief. Our friends were safe, for the moment. My respite was doomed to be brief, as a very loud bustle of leather wings and scaly tail descended upon me.

Your Royal Princely Highness ... whatever. You've got to come, Princess Gloria and Morgan are in deep do-do. The Van Helsings have Morgan, and Gloria is under attack. You have to come, please!”

I barely had a chance to take another breath before Llewellyn the dragon had swooped under me, and  we were airborne. By the time we had reached the edge of the clearing, I could get a pretty good bird's-eye view of the parapet. Judas Van Helsing stood with his arms upraised in triumph, as a great grey lump of something I could only assume was Ash, quivered at his feet. I leaned forward and shouted instructions into Llewellyn's ear. He immediately stopped flying, and held his strong leather wings flat and motionless. I walked out onto the left one, to get a firm footing. I took my longbow and my best ebony arrow out of the quiver on my back. I notched the arrow, and made my sighting along it, then let loose. It flew straight and true, right through Judas's armpit, and out through his shoulder blade, which must have been shattered by the steel arrow head. I could hear his scream all the way to the clearing. I laughed, and yelled at him, though I doubt that he heard.

Take that, you evil bastard!”

I pulled another arrow out of my quiver and notched it. I was about to aim it at Judas' head when the high pitched tone of a faerie horn reverberated throughout the  forest. I looked toward the sound and was as relieved as I was astounded to see an army of faeries fly toward the castle, Queen Helena at the forefront.

The End

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