Elemental Battle

There is no time to think, only to react. Fire is quick to respond to my call as it ignites the beasts struggling up the rock wall. Gloria uses her telekinesis to toss the flaming creatures down the wall, bouncing them on others, letting the flame spread.

“Morgan!” Theo’s voice breaks through.

He blasts air across the wall, knocking more flaming beasts down it. Time to test my plan. My focus moves to water, leaving fire to play by itself. A sheet slowly rises from the moat below, held by my will.

“Gloria! I’ll hold the shape, you move it to the wall. Theo, freeze it on the creatures. NOW!”

The wall of water freezes before it hits the Van Helsing horde. Undeterred Gloria smashes it into them.

“Better timing!”

I flame another wave of beasts then pull up a thicker sheet of water. Theo freezes it too late. But now the wall is icy.

“DAD!” Sudden pain rips through my link, my necklace pulsing with warning. “Water to the Golem!”

“But...” Theo begins to complain.

“NOW!” Gloria backs me up.

I bring up sphere after sphere of water while Gloria slings them at the Golem like baseballs. The first few do nothing but splatter or shatter as Theo adjusts his timing. I reach out to earth, helping us by making holes in the Golem’s shell all while making my water balls.

“The Right Fist!”

Gloria’s cry directs me to where I can see the Golem’s rock fist, held by vines. We switch focus, I can see Dad, and Layla? I form the largest ball I can. As Gloria hurls to towards the Golem’s fist, I try to make cracks, but can’t. Our water ball does nothing.

“Hand’s too hard!” I cry. “Go for the wrist.”

I make my ball bigger, the moat is beginning to run dry. I see fish in the ball as it flies through the air. Cracks, tiny cracks in the wrist, I reach out to Earth, make them bigger.

“Wait to freeze!” I call out as the water splashes, now directed by me into the fissures. NOW! Freeze now!”

I add my efforts to Theo’s. The rocks begin to crack and crumble. The hands falls off, to the side. Dad and Layla are safe. We aren’t. Free of the roots, the Golem turns, it’s body mass behind the left fist which is now swinging towards us.

Acting as one Theo and I use air to erect a barrier, I can feel Gloria concentrating beside me using all the telekinetic power she’s got. No way we’d survive if that fist connects with us.

Chilling arms encircle about my waist.

“Oh no,” Judas’s voice tickles my ear, “You’re not getting smashed to bits on us.”

I realize the Horde’s focusing on us. IN our fight with the Golem, we’ve ignored them. Theo and Gloria are doing all they can, but there’s too many now. Judas begins to drag me away as the Golem turns back to those below.

“ASH!” I scream vocally, mentally, trying to force Judas away from me as I flame the attacking creatures. But it’s too much. I’m drained. My energy is fading, fading fast.

“Ash!” my voice is weaker, my mental strength diminished.

My eyes look skyward, a black dot shrieks from the areal battle.

“Oh yes call him to us,” Elektra’s voice cackles as my consciousness fades.

The End

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