Into the Fray

I blinked at the bright daylight as we left the darkness of the dungeon stairwell. The battle noise surrounded us like a smothering blanket. I could barely hear myself think. Morgan reached out from under Ash's huge leather wings and grasped my hand. Ash looked down at our entwined hands from his towering height, his cat-like eyes narrowed to mere slits. I could tell from his aura that he was confused as to what to do. He wanted to stay with Morgan, but the horde was calling to him, and probably his parents, too. In the end, the pull of the horde was stronger, and he released Morgan. He rose into the air like a dragon, majestic but horrible as well.

I watched his departure in awe, and wondered how anything so big and misshapen could be so graceful in the air. I ran forward to the stone battlement wall, with Morgan in tow. I leaned through an opening to assess our situation. The horde seemed to be everywhere in the forest. It did not look hopeful for the good guys. Thalion flew up from behind and touched down beside me.

I have to enter the battle, darling. Our archers are in trouble,” he shouted over the cacophony.

You have no weapons. You'll be killed instantly,” I screamed in protest.

I have magic, my dear. I'll spin protective spells around myself and my archers. Weapons and debris will bounce off of us,” he explained.

What if some huge beast grabs you,” I shouted worriedly.

I'll do my best to avoid that. I won't be gone long. I'll ascertain the safety of my archers and everyone on the helicopter, then return to you. We will fight the hordes from the battlements.”

Wait, please,”Morgan called shyly. “There's something you should know before you leave, Your Highness. I just linked with my dad, and there's a Golem that's forming part of the castle walls. It's big and mean, and it's being controlled by the Van Helsings. We have to do anything we can to stop it.”

Agreed Morgan, but first I must help my archers and our friends,” he told her.

Of course you must, but there is something you can do to help fight the Golem.  I need the faerie named Theo to join us here on the parapet. You know him. He's the only male besides Mike that you rescued from Faerieland. Do you think you can get him back here safely?” she asked tremulously. Shy as she was, it took a lot out of her to say so much all at once, particularly in the company of a Royal.

I can, but why do you need him?” Thalion asked, puzzled.

I have a plan to fight the Golem using my affinities, but I need Theo to help  us with his affinities.”

Us?” I chipped in.

Yes, I'll need your telekinetic abilities, too.”

I'm in. I don't know what you're up to, but I'm in. I trust your judgement,” I grinned.

I too trust your judgement, Morgan. I will do my best to bring your friend to you,” Thalion said.

He held me in a deep embrace, then kissed me as though it was our last kiss. I prayed with all my heart that wasn't the case. I watched Thalion lift off and fly into the fray. I turned to Morgan, who stood at the battlements looking down, her long blond hair shielded her face from my view.

What's your plan, Morgan?”

She turned to face me.

My affinities are water, air, fire, and a little bit of earth. I can't use fire, because it will harden the Golem's stone, but I can use air and water. I think there's a moat down there, can you see it?”

I leaned over the battlement and looked straight down. There was a tiny ribbon of blue surrounding the castle walls. It glinted in the sun like a blue sapphire.

That's definitely a moat. What do you propose to do with it?”

I was thinking of raising the water up in a cohesive unit, then you can use your telekinesis to fling it against the wall, where it will seep into the cracks. Then Theo can use his air affinity to freeze the water, and expand the water in the cracks, which will break the wall asunder.”

why can't you use your air affinity to freeze the water?”

“I'll be concentrating too hard, and exerting a lot of energy just to get the water up out of the moat. Too much exertion, and I faint. It's happened before. Theo will have to freeze the water. I don't want to faint in the middle of all this.

I don't know how strong my ability is. I might have to fling the water in stages, as opposed to all at once.”

You won't have to fling it all at once.. The Golem has formed itself into a creature made of stone, and it can walk. Our mission is to douse the thing as much as we can, then freeze the water, and hope it expands enough to break the creature up.”

I stared down at the distant moat, and hoped it held enough water to do the job. Just then I heard a God awful screech coming from the air. My head shot upward just in time to see some abominable creature flying toward the parapet. As the thing got closer, Morgan moved closer to me. She was clearly frightened, as was I – I just hid it better. I was used to putting up a brave front, when in fact I was quivering inside. The thing that came at us was worse looking than even Ash, although a good deal smaller, thank God.

Don't worry Morgan. I think I can handle this one. It can't hurt us if it can't get near us. Meanwhile, you have three very valuable weapons in your arsenal – your affinities. Now that at least one of them has found us, I'm sure there will be more to follow.”

We both watched with apprehension as it came within range of my telekinesis. I loved my ability, but it had distance limits. I straightened my back and moved my hands to manipulate the creature. It had a long tail, so I simply stuffed its tail into its own screeching mouth. Out of instinct, the thing started chomping down on it. It had itself half eaten before it realized that something very bad and very painful was happening to its back end. It swivelled its head to look, and flew straight into another creature that was headed toward the parapet. There was a great deal of blood on the first creature, so the second flying abomination attacked the first one!

We stood at the battlements in shock, as the second creature ate what was left of the first one!  We barely had enough time to take a deep breath when we noticed that the short stone wall of the battlements was shaking. We looked off to the left to see that several hundred small creatures with no wings, but a lot of claws and teeth were just about to breach the battlements. We stood back to back, our hands and our abilities at the ready to do battle.

The End

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