Rebellion – by SpookofNight posted by Elorithryn

Breathe. Be strong.

I could hardly do the first, let alone the latter. The words meant nothing, were nothing. But I heard the voice. Or, rather, I felt the pain it caused.

The fractured remains of a broken link seared to life, burnt through the cold fear and left the burnt skeletons of new memories in its wake. Memories of a sword in my chest, the feeling of my blood leaking away into desolation, the sound of voices overhead, jarring pain from broken limbs, endless pills and tonics, dirty looks from the nurse, paper cranes.

Paper cranes. Healing beneath the shade of an oak tree. Slipping among the shadows at the fringes of a wedding. A last stolen kiss . . . and a break that tore my heart in half. 

Bloodlust, pain, confusion. Magic, magic and steel, anger and fear in a whirlwind of conflicting prerogatives. Fire bites, wind strikes, air to stone and steel and death. Elektra – she is among us, is pushing us on, pushing us, pushing us. Cowards, she shouts, kill them, kill them, kill them!

My brothers and sisters screamed, and in my mind I screamed with them. I joined my terrible command to theirs – we are one, we are Horde, kill them, kill them, kill them!

The kiss . . . the break . . .

Kill them!

My mother was screaming at them, but the voice is not hers alone. It was also that of Judas – her terrible mate, joined inextricably by memories of indistinguishable faces with identical terrible smiles. His and hers, hers and his, one terrible union. I felt them waiting expectantly for my accord, my part of this unholy trinity.

Breathe. Be strong.

Her voice – Morgan’s voice. The feel of her in my arms. I was shaking down to my bones, but she refused to break contact.  

I had no strength but what she gave me.

The words meant nothing, but she meant everything.

The strength of my wings seemed enough to sunder the sky, and now it was my own.  Out and out and out I flew, diving and wheeling through the screaming and the confusion and the overwhelming stink of panic. Ah, I have caught them off guard. They did not expect this. I laughed, because neither did I.

Kill them, they said. Kill them, kill them, kill them.

So be it. For I will kill you – both of you. The terrible power you gave me will be the very weapon that destroys you.

Another call, and this time it was a call to rebellion. And I was answered; first by a few, then by more.

This is the true test, I thought. Who do they fear more? Them . . . or me?

The thing roared and raised its gigantic fists to the sky, and we – I – raised our battlecry in return, and swung our ranks about to take the offensive. I dived out of the heights, and my legion rose to meet me, tooth and talon bared for war on any, Horde or otherwise, who opposed us.

Chaos overflowed, and as I cleaved my path of death through sodden ground and blood-lashed sky, I never once lost sight of the words, the voice, and the source of my strength.

Breathe. Be strong.

The End

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