Haddie's Goodbye

Haddie shoved the clipboard at Hazel as she clutched at her heart.

“Mrs. B?” Hazel asked in concern.

“I’ll be fine, you keep everything organized.”

Walking away as quickly as she could Haddie made her way to the outside of the hospital tents. She grabbed a tent pole, her heart feeling as though it was being torn in two. Morgan was captured and now....

She fell to her knees.

Petey’s death, and with him Devil’s Flat, the Spirit she’d been bonded to since she was 17.

Blackness welled up before her eyes as voices rambled about her.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

She waved them off, struggling to her feet, fighting for just a little more life. There were still things she had to do.

“MIKE!” She bellowed the man’s name, hoping she wasn’t too late.

~MIKE~ She screamed with every bit of mental power she possessed before she fainted.




Haddie woke to find a stately young woman sitting near her bedside. The girl couldn’t be much older than Morgan but she possessed a look of wisdom well beyond her years.

“Mrs. B?” the woman’s voice was soft and gentle though tinged with strength.

“Yes?” Haddie looked about, no one else was around and she seemed to be back in her castle room.

“Does everyone really call you Mrs. B?” The woman wondered, a slight giggle escaped her lips. “Mike of Ollerond looked quite shocked when he realized he didn’t know your actual last name.”

Haddie sat up, memories flooding back in. “Then Mike is still here. He hasn’t gone after Morgan.” The young woman nodded. “And yes I’m Mrs. B or Grandma B to everyone.”

She smiled, stood and bowed slightly. “Then it is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. B. Your granddaughter comes from two strong lines. Rest assured that we will rescue her.”

Haddie looked around the room again as she slowly swung her feet over to the side. There was much to do if they were to rescue Morgan and Ash. She looked once more to the young woman, noticing a coronet on her head.

“And you are?” Haddie asked, though suddenly knowing this was the Queen of Faeries.

“Helena, Queen of the Faeries, but you knew part of that.“ She smiled. “Come join us in our planning. The horde is rousted, but I am not sure how much longer we can keep Mike from flying after his daughter.




The rescue party, lead by Helena herself, would set off in two days. Their mission two fold – scout the area for the multi race force that would arrive behind them and find a way inside. Haddie chose to stay behind and after the meeting she pulled Mike off into a side hall.

“You make sure Morgan knows I love her,” she told him.

“You can tell her that when we get back,” Mike stated confused.

“I won’t be here.”

“But the fighting’s over, no one will be attacking...”

“Mike!” Haddie looked into his eyes. “I’ve got a grandson to bury and a son to comfort and only a short amount of time. Morgan has her own destiny and she’ll need you to help her through. My role is over.”

She could tell he was taking her serious now, for the moment the urge to rescue Morgan subdued.

“You make a good father, Mike. Never regret the years you weren’t there. The both of you had things to learn before you could meet.” Pulling him into a bear hug, Haddie kissed him on both cheeks. “Goodbye Mike. Good Luck.”

Haddie stepped away leaving Mike speechless. She went and found Sarah and Ben. There were things at home she had to set in motion, before she could rest. She smiled, feeling the ghostly hand of Mr. B slipping into hers.

The End

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