Airborne Vision

Llewellyn hovered in the air a moment as he caught his breath after the sudden dive upwards to avoid the cliffs. Galen hung motionless in the air beside us, with Thalion on his back. We watched in silence as the contingent of creatures that were chasing us crashed into the cliffs. I looked away from the carnage, not finding any pleasure or triumph in the bloodshed.

We were so high above the cliffs at that point, that we had a birds' eye view of what was going on below us. On the cliff top off in the distance, we could see the monstrosity that was now Ash approach a tiny dot on the land that could only be Morgan. I looked at my bracelet, and her snowflake was flashing double-time crimson. She was in serious life threatening danger.

Island, show us what is happening with Morgan!” I screamed out into the air.

I didn't know if it would work or not. I was being trained to take over as the island's human voice after Uncle Ben and Sarah were gone, but I had never spoken directly to it before. I didn't know if it would respond, since my Aunt and Uncle were still alive; I had seen them on the cliff, leading the small island army of Elves and Morgan's Faerie friends. Slowly, to my great relief, a vision began to form in front of us. I leaned in closer to Galen and Thalion, and shouted above the distant roar of the battle.

Can you see the vision forming, Thalion?” I asked, because I didn't know if the island would allow anyone else to see it.

No,” he answered. I was afraid of that.

Come in closer so that we can join hands. Maybe my physical link with you will form a visual link to the information the island is sending,” I called.

Galen and Llewellyn edged sideways until their scaly sides almost bumped together. I leaned over as far as I could go, and clasped my husband's extended hand.

Can you see it now?” I gasped, as I concentrated my whole energy into watching the emerging vision as it took form before us.

Yes, I can see it now,” my beloved answered.

I sighed with relief. We couldn't plot any plan of action unless we both knew exactly what was going on. It would have taken too long to explain everything verbally.

We watched as the scene below us played out like a silent horror movie. Petey, the spirit of Devil's Flat, and the island battled Ash valiantly, but in the end he gained the upper hand, and flew away with Morgan in his talons.

I lurched away from Thalion in an effort to free my hand to go follow Morgan.

Wait,” Thalion shouted as he held fast to my hand. “Look what the wizard is doing!”

I ceased my effort to break free from Thalion, and followed his line of sight. The island was sending a very strong vision now. We could even hear voices.

The nasty little two faced wizard Shanahan, faced the battle lines spread out on either side of the small gap in the island's defences that he had created earlier. He raised his wand in the air and swirled it around dramatically. With a roar like thunder, the gap widened to the point that the island's energy field was broken. The entire forces of Van Helsing's horde appeared over the horizon in thousands!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” we heard Petey screech as the wizard began to swirl in preparation for departure.

Petey grabbed Shanahan's lime green robes around the knees, and pulled him down to earth. The wizard was only four feet tall, and skinny, so Petey easily overpowered him. Shanahan tried desperately to wave his wand and do an incantation, but Petey smashed the wand and the hand that held it, with one powerful blow with his hammer.

The wizard screamed and rolled away long enough to get to his feet. He ran full tilt through the long grass along the cliff, not really knowing or caring where he was going. He tried chanting a departure spell as he ran, but he was in too much pain to get it right, and it failed.

Oh no, you're not getting away that fast, you little creep. I can't let you cause any more damage!” Petey yelled as he tackled the wizard.

They rolled over and over along the edge of the cliffs. There was a protective hedge barrier at the top, but nothing but grass along the the side slopes. As they fought and clawed each other they got closer and closer to the edge, until they finally went over it in a squirming bundle of arms, legs and lime green robes.

Morgaaaaaaan!” was the last word to depart Petey's dying lips as he and the wizard landed together on the rocks below the cliffs. Shanahan's shrivelled little body all but broke in half as it hit the bottom of the cliff, to do evil no more. As the man and the wizard died, so did the spirit of Devil's Flat, since Petey was so closely linked with it.

The vision vanished, and a new one formed as we saw Mike fly from the cliff top and head off in the direction Ash had taken Morgan.

You must stop him, he must not go alone, nor you and Thalion either. The Faeries are now arriving. You must discuss this matter with their Queen, Helena.”

This command was not whispered, but almost bellowed inside my head. It was the first time the island had ever spoken to me, and I dared not ignore it. We had been facing the cliffs watching the vision, and we hadn't seen what was going on with the battle behind us. I let go of Thalion's hand and turned Llewellyn around to face the horde. There were a lot more of them since the final breach opened.

Fortunately, The Faeries arrived at just the opportune moment. The ones with water affinities gathered in groups to make the ocean rise up and drown the lower flying creatures. The ones with air infinities caused tornadoes to form, to suck up the enemy and carry them away from the battle, to drop them in the ocean further out. Those with fire affinities set the creatures on fire. Those with earth affinities used rocks and earth from the island to bombard the enemy. Thalion and I gave a loud cheer, as did Galen and Llewellyn. Thalion began to head toward the battle, but I stopped him.

No, wait!”I yelled. “We have to stop Mike from going to the stronghold alone. We have to seek Queen Helena's help. The island has commanded it.”

Yes, I agree. It would be suicide for him to go alone,” Thalion responded as he took off after Mike. I followed on Llewellyn.

Mike was still in sight, so I knew we could easily catch up with him. A faerie's wings are strong, but they couldn't carry Mike all the way to the stronghold. I hoped we would be able talk him out of it until we could form a proper attack force.

The End

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