An Awkward Reunion

Tears fill my own eyes as I feel Gloria’s heart felt good bye to Sarah Morgan. I would go to her, but I feel that it is a grief best shared between her and Thalion.


I nearly jump out of my skin and slowly turn to face someone I thought I would never see again. Almost unconsciously I hold a wall of air between us. Petey’s jaw drops and he quickly averts his eyes. I wish I wasn’t still in this fairy suit.

“Why are you here, Petey?”

He still creeps me out, but like before. Something’s changed. I can’t say if it’s me or him, but I suspect it might be both.

“I, um...” He looks uncomfortable and shuffles his feet. “I’m here to help fight, and um...” His feet shuffle again. “Help get that Ash guy back for you.”

My brows furrow. Something has definitely changed. I let the air dissipate.

”Are you okay Petey?”

“He iss fine,” a voice whispers on the wind and I find myself face to face with the Spirit of Devil’s Flat.

The being stands behind Petey, tall and imposing. I’m not nearly as scared of it as I was before. The Faerie testing has given me courage. That and I feel the strength of Katha and Theo who stand behind me. My Dad and Layla are quick to join, though his strength is tinged with the rage of fire.

“What do you think you are doing back here?” Dad does not yell, but his tone bears more malice than I care for.

“Ghost Wheeler!” Petey jumps back into Devil’s Flat who hisses.

“Sso thiss iss the impossing father of Morgan le Fae.”

Damn it why he’d have to go use that phrase. I hear Katha gasp behind me at its use.

“ENOUGH!” Gramdma B comes striding up the hill before I can say the same thing.

The last thing I want is a battle between those who would be allies. She obviously feels the same.

“Why is Petey here?” Dad’s tone is tight but filled with respect towards my grandma.

“Petey, happens to be Morgan’s cousin.” She holds up her hand to forestall any questions. “Now I heard you had a bit of a time getting here so why don’t we all go have some cookies.

“Chocolate Chip?’ Petey perks up as he always does at the mention of baked goods.

“No, Gingerbread,” Grandma B smiles at me. “Morgan’s favorite.” Her smile extends to everyone with me. “Now come on all of you, we’ll do introductions on the way and once you all have a cookie I’ll explain Petey and the Spirit of Devil’s Flat.”

Her glance turns to the spirit, which shrinks in size and blows away like a wisp. I guess even he knows when to not mess with her.

The End

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