Going Home

The group of us stood or sat in the seats, basically staring at each other, not really knowing what to say - out loud. I was close enough to Morgan to catch her thought link to her dad:

~I don’t think we can argue with them Dad.~

Without even thinking that I was breaking into a private thought conversation, I just had to throw in my two cents worth, in a thought link to Morgan.

~ The people we love and trust, love and trust us back. There's no way any of them are going to leave our side to go to Sanctuary. They wouldn't leave the rest of us at Peace island, fighting the worst evil that have ever existed - theVan Helsing Horde.~

Morgan turned to me in surprise, and nodded. Her smile relieved my embarrassment when I saw Mike's puzzled look at his daughter. I don't know if he was able to hear my link through Morgan, or his ability was strong enough to catch it on his own. His surprise could be about my rudeness. Then again, maybe he didn't hear it at all, he was just puzzled why Morgan's link turned away from him, seemingly mid sentence.

I stood a bit apart from Mike and Morgan, so they could continue their conversation uninterrupted. I blushed, and looked around the room at all the auras. They were all steadfastly behind fighting this battle with us.

The only one who was a bit hesitant, was Hazel, and that was because she didn't think she could be of much use to anybody, since there wasn't enough Faerie in her be very helpful. Maybe she should return to her Uncle, where her mom wanted her to go. Of course I didn't have a link with Hazel, but I could read her aura well enough to guess her intentions.

Amber tried to leave Faerie land in such a hurry, that she probably didn't know her Father was already here on the island as part of the King's call of arms to all the Elves. He lived outside the realm, but he always kept in touch with friends and family inside it. He offered his services as a mediator for the King's contingent of archers, just in case there were any issues between the Elves and Faeries.

Thalion introduced me to him when they landed on the island. He was a very nice man. He was a good friend of my husband's cousin's family, the lesser royals. My beloved told me all about the sacrifices Hazel's Grandfather made for love. He married a Faerie (who has passed away). His hope is to close the rift between the two races so his children and grandchildren will no longer be outcasts. Hazel thinks her Grandfather is her Uncle, for some reason, and she has no idea at all that she is part Elf.

Unfortunately, Amber won't get to see her Father right away, but at least Hazel will get a chance to meet her Grandfather. I walked over to Hazel, who was literally sitting on the edge of her seat, looking around at the others, feeling very, very alone.

I walked over to her seat and sat across from her. I leaned in toward her, so she could hear me apart from the animated conversation all around us.

"Hi Hazel. I'm sure this is all very strange and new to you, but not to worry, you're among friends here. As an added bonus, your Uncle Beriadan (Bear-ee-ah-dahn) is here to help us in the battle. He'll show you around and get you settled. "

The unfamiliar sound of her  Uncle's Elven name evidently shocked her, so I explained.

"Your Mom probably called him by his Human name, Uncle Emerald, since you know you have human blood in you, and only some Faerie blood in you. What you don't know, is that you also have some Elven blood in you, which is probably why you failed your Faerie trials. You might have a little bit more Elven blood, and it might have fought your Faerie elements for the upper hand. While you're here, you'll have lots of elves around to help you discover the Elven part of yourself."

Hazel wrung her hands in consternation. "Why didn't my mother tell me? Why didn't I grow up with the Elves, instead of the Faeries?"

I took both of her hands in mine to calm her, and perhaps give a little comfort.

"I don't know what the family details are, you'll have to discuss this with your Uncle. I only told you, because it'll give you some time to digest the information before you see him again.

Just then, the pilot made an announcement.

"We're about to land in twenty minutes, please stow any loose articles in the compartments under your seats. Make sure the lid is clicked tightly shut. Please take your seats and buckle your belts when you're done all that. I'll tell you when we're prepared to land. "

Everyone started scurrying around, so I stopped Hazel from getting up. We'll continue this conversation when we're buckled in, okay?"

She nodded, and I walked toward the wall of  the passenger cabin.

The End

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