Inevitable Truths

I am tired, but there is more that needs to be told to this group. I look to Thalion. “Do you know how much time before we land?”

He thinks for a moment. “Perhaps an hour or so.”

I nod and put my head in my hands. After taking a couple deep breaths, I look up again. The helicopter is fairly silent and my companions look tired. Thalion’s arm is about Gloria and Layla is flanked by Dad and Katha. Theo sits by Katha giving me a look I can’t really fathom. Hazel sits next to me, her hands fidgeting.

My thoughts swirl around me and I make a couple false starts before I look to Gloria. “If you still have tape left, and we are recording this for future generations, perhaps you should tape what I’m about to say.”

Everyone turns to me in surprise, but I sense Gloria knows what I’m going to tell. I’m not going to start with that, but I will explain exactly why Dad and I didn’t want anyone coming with us.

“I think everyone knows that Dad and I were the informants that Queen Helena spoke of in her speech last night.” I turn to the camcorder. “Dad and I spoke with the Faerie Council yesterday evening and presented our case for why they must join with the Elves to eradicate the Van Helsings.” I look back to everyone else and then to my hands. My words were gone again.

“Queen Helena’s speech was powerful!” Katha speaks as if sensing my need for help. “She spoke of how the Van Helsings have turned upon us and are planning to attack us!”

“I, I don’t know what they used to be like,” I took up before Katha could go further. “But,” I look at everyone in turn, “I have felt their presence against my mind and...” I shudder at the memory.

“They’re nasty...”

I quiet Gloria with a smile. “They are, and I fear I might be next on their list of people to get a hold of.”

“I thought that’s why Ash broke the link between you,” Dad speaks up furrowing his brows at me.

“Yes, well they have him and...” My voice breaks and chokes. Gloria doesn’t speak, clearly sensing I need to tell this part myself. “I dreamed of him Dad.” I can feel my eyes filling with tears. “They’ve done things to him; changed him. Gloria was there she saw.”

Gloria hands the camcorder to Thalion and sits beside me, squeezing my hand in her own.

“It was horrific Mike!” She speaks for me. “He was this horrible beast and I thought he was attacking Morgan only after he left she told me what had happened.”

“If it wasn’t for my pendant I wouldn’t have known,” I sob.

“So what exactly did they do?” Dad’s voice is cold.

Gloria explains what Ash looked like, for I could not. She tells them how he’d been changed, how his aura betrayed that even his core had been altered as well. My hands now squeeze hers and Thalion’s hand rests upon her shoulder. She shakes with rage. Dad, however, sits in silence.

Suddenly the helicopter is filled with his anger. I can only stare and blink. Does he actually care about Ash? It is only once Layla rests a hand upon his shoulder that he calms down. Silence returns and after a moment, I regain my own voice.

“I don’t know if they still want me to get to him or if they want him to kill me, but if that is what they are willing to do to their own son.” I swallow and looked at Theo, and Katha and Hazel and Layla. “Imagine what they would be willing to do to you, just because you are associated with me.” Tears yet again trickle down my cheeks. “When we get to Peace Island you should all board the boat to Sanctuary where you will be safe. Staying with Dad and I is only likely to get you killed or worse. Okay?”

My voice cracks slightly upon the last word and I look again to everyone. Hazel is the only one who seems hesitant. All the rest return my gaze with steely stares, though for Layla, her eyes are on Dad.

~I don’t think we can argue with them Dad~ I state the inevitable truth.

~You might be right~ he agrees with a sigh., though his eyes never leave Layla's.

The End

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