I watched quietly as everyone sort of babbled at once, trying to overcome the trauma of the escape from Faerie land. I whispered to Thalion, and he got up and walked toward the cockpit.

I blushed slightly before I stood in the aisle between the two rows of seats. I wasn't all that shy since I got married, but public speaking was still a little intimidating to me. I clapped my hands sharply to get everyone's attention. When all eyes were on me, I began my interrogation.

Hi everyone. I sent Thalion up front to give the pilot lots of time for our return journey. A great many protection spells have been put on this helicopter, so we're as safe here as on the island. I'm hearing bits and pieces here, and nobody seems to have a clear idea of the whole story. What I'm going to do, is video tape exactly what happened from everyone, one at a time. I only know as far as what Morgan told me in her dream. I know that Morgan's aunt hasn't exactly been umm ... welcoming toward Mike and Morgan.”

I blushed again, as did Morgan when I looked over there. I didn't know how much her friends knew about Mike's family's rejection, and I didn't want to embarrass her any further.

The Faerie Queen is willing to back the Elves in the inevitable fight against the Van Helsings, and I know that Morgan finished her tests. After that, I have no idea.” I continued.

I held up the camcorder I had brought with me. “Who wants to go first?”

Mike stood up beside the set of seats where Layla was still resting. “I guess I will. After the testing, we stayed at Layla's place overnight. The kids got their test results in the morning. Katha and Theo passed, and so did Morgan, but she requires more training.”

Whaaaaaaaat! She's the best ...” My temper rose instantly.

Morgan rose from her seat. “It's okay Gloria. I still have a lot to learn about being a Faerie.”

Mike quietly sat down beside Layla, and gave his daughter the floor.

When we got to the departure hall, we met Hazel and her Mom Amber, at the Exit desk. She told us Hazel didn't pass, so they were going to join family outside Faerie Land, but the attendants wouldn’t let them leave. Dad found out we weren't allowed to leave either, I don't know why.” Morgan sat down beside her friend, Katha.

Hazel waved a hand from her seat to get my attention. I guess she was too shy to stand up in front of everyone. “We were told that the Queen was mobilizing her army, and all citizens had to be accounted for before the war. I don't understand why they they would prevent Mom and I, though. I didn't pass, so I can't see them wanting us to stay.”

Mike spoke up from his seat. “I think I know why. My father, Cecil Ollerand, has always believed that the Van Helsings were allies against evil. He probably can't believe that they've gone bad so quickly. I expect he wouldn't want the Elves to know the Faeries were coming to help. Perhaps he wanted to undermine the support we received from the council.”

I noticed Mike had become a little pale. It couldn't be easy to admit his own father hated him, and did everything possible to hurt him. I quickly changed the subject. “Well ... how did all of you get out, then?”

"Amber told me that her daughter would be safer outside of Faerie Land, she didn't say why. She begged me to get Hazel out, then she faked a seizure to get the guards away from the Wall. Everything else was pretty much a scramble from there.”

Dad ordered me to grab Hazel and run!” Morgan almost called, excited by the recital of the danger they had just survived.

I wanted to go with Morgan to begin with, but she didn't want me to. When I saw her run with Hazel, I ran too.” Katha spoke up for the first time.

 “The girls went, so I thought they could use a guy's help, you know?” Theo spoke almost inaudibly and looked over at Morgan, who didn't seem to notice. I could guess he had a crush on her, but he would never be competition to Ash, even changed as he was.

 “I saw Katha run for the Wall, and I went after her. I don't know if I intended to stop her, or go with her. I hadn't really thought it through when I was hit in the leg. Then Mike was right there, picking me up. After that ...” Layla shrugged as she weakly sat up, with Mike's help.

 “Wow. That was some party. I'm glad I wasn't invited!” I grinned, as I shut off the camcorder. Thalion gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. He must have been standing there for some time, but I hadn't noticed. I must have been really engrossed in what I was doing, to not notice my beloved beside me.

 “Well done, darling. If nothing else, you have recorded the true events of this day for all of our descendents who come after us. I believe this account will go down in the annals of time, not just for the Elves, but for the Faeries, and Humans too.”


The End

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