A Hasty Exit

Dad herds us over to the chairs. I remember sitting here filling out the form for taking the test. Sitting I fidget with my pendant. I don’t want to look at it, but Kain is taking so long that I finally give in. Ash is still in trouble, which is not hard to believe given what my dream revealed. What is surprising is that Sarah Morgan is safe.

“Are you okay Morgan?”

It’s Katha. She and Theo and Hazel are looking at me concerned and I realize there are tears forming in my eyes. I don’t really trust my voice right now so I remain silent. But my head gives the slightest shake of no.

“The pendant ,” Hazel whispers as she moves closer. “It’s been connected to loved ones hasn’t it?” I nod. “Are they in trouble?”

“She and her Dad were the informant’s mentioned last night,” Theo butts in, though he is smart enough to keep his voice low.

“So they have to get back to inform the elves of our support.” Katha looks to me. “Right Morgan?”

“Kind of,” I nod. “Well I told Gloria in my dream last night and she would have told her husband Thalion and since he’s the Elvin Prince...” my voice trails off at the incredulous stares I’m getting. I feel my face heat up. Not only am I the council’s next Ollerond, I’ve just admitted to knowing the Prince of the Elves. I feel like I’m name dropping.

~Morgan~ My dad’s voice comes through our link. I look up and see that he and the other adults have split off from us. ~When I say go, grab Hazel and get through the wall.~

~Wh..~ I begin but Dad cut’s me off.

~Don’t ask questions! Just Go! Now!~

As his voice shouts no in my head I hear a scream from Amber. Hazel’s taken a tight hold of my hand and it’s her who starts the motion towards the wall.

“Where are you...” Theo begins, but Katha cuts him off.


I wince at my Dad’s tone but I manage to get both me and Hazel through. No sooner are we out, then Theo and Katha stumble into us from behind.

“What do you think this is Harry Potter?” I yell over the sound of the waiting helicopter. I grab Theo and Katha and shove them back to the wall. “Just because you’re my friends doesn’t mean you’ll survive!”

“You brought Hazel...” Katha’s hair looks flaming.

“Dad told me to!”

“Morgan!” Gloria leaps from the helicopter. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay, who are these people and...”

“INTO THE CHOPPER NOW!” Dad interrupts us all.

That’s all we need to get moving. It isn’t until I’ve climbed in and turn around that I notice Dad is carrying Layla.

“I’m fine Mike,” she complains. “Really you can set me down.”

“I don’t call that fine,” I watch as Dad sets Layla gently down on one of the seats. “GET US OUT QUICK!” He yells to the pilot, slamming the door just before a couple arrows bounce off it.

“Mom what happened?” Katha’s kneeling by her mom. It looks like Layla is bleeding.

“What happened?” Layla looks sternly at her daughter. “What happened is you went running through the wall and I had to chase after you.”

“She took an arrow to the leg,” Dad mutters. “I told you I was trouble, but you had to come...”

As their voices raise into an argument, I can clearly see it’s caused by mutual feelings. But, Layla’s leg is oozing blood where the arrow is still buried inside it. “QUIET!” My own voice startles me as well as everyone around me. “I can’t heal her if you’re arguing about it. What’s done is done. Give me room to work, please?”

They do and, for however long it takes me to remove the arrow and heal the wound, there is silence. At last, I sit back and take a seat next to Gloria. Thalion gently speaks my name as he offers me food and drink. I take it, smiling gratefully before eating. I notice he offers food and drink to the others.

“Are you going to introduce us?” Gloria nudges me after a moment. “And tell us what happened?”

Dad looks preoccupied with Layla so I guess the introductions falls to me. “Right,” I sigh and set my food down. I still feel drained. “So this is Hazel, she was the one I helped on the bridge,” I explain to give Gloria context to the names. “And that’s Theo and Katha who I sat with before the intro lecture. And the woman Dad’s fussing over is Katha’s mom, Layla.”

“I can see the resemblance,” Thalion smiles.

“And so guys,” I indicate the group I just introduced. “This is my best friend Gloria and her husband Thalion.”

“You mean Thalion, Prince of the Elves?” Hazel looks a bit star struck. “My Uncle will never believe this.”

Thalion chuckles, “Just prince of the forest realm, nothing...”

“Stop fussing over me!”

We all look to Layla who’s trying to swat my Dad away. “I’m fine! Really I am. Your...” she realizes we’ve gone quiet and are looking at her. “Morgan is an excellent healer and you can stop fussing,” she finishes somewhat lamely.

“Yes but...”

“Dad.” His face turns to me. “Just put an arm around her and let her rest would you?” I look at him pleadingly.  He looks a bit abashed, but Katha speaks up before me.

“If you two think we didn’t notice, you’re daft.” She grins and puts an arm around me. “Besides, who am I to complain if Morgan becomes my step-sister?”

Katha and I have to giggle as their faces turn red with embarrassment before we turn back to the others. I am glad my friends are here, but I dread what it means might happen to them.

The End

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