Early Warning System


Flight to Faerie land

I walked beside Thalion with Sarah Morgan in my arms, as we made our way back up to the castle. She had been a bit fussy, but she settled and went back to sleep. I would miss her terribly when we sent her over to Sanctuary Island with my mom. They would be safer there, than in the Elven Realm in the Amazonian River basin.

“Whooo hooo! We have a home, we have a home at last!” Galen yelled fr0m a hundred feet above us.

He had taken on the dragon form again, and joined Llewellyn in a joyous mid air smoke and fire dragon air show. I stopped and looked up, and shared their joy, but only for a moment. They would be part of the small army defending the island against the Van Helsing evil hordes.

I didn't know them well yet, but I loved the goodness I saw in their auras. There was no evil in them, although they had grown up in the midst of the most awful evil. It hadn't been able to touch the purity in their hearts, in the same way that Ash's terrible parents hadn't been able to make him evil, even by changing him into some ghastly looking beast. Sarah Morgan wiggled in my arms as we began to climb the stone steps of the castle.

“Haaaardeeeeey! She squealed, as she threw her arms out toward the small boy who sat on the top step with Aunt Sarah.

“He won't even go in for something to eat,” Aunt Sarah explained. “They seem to have formed some kind of strong bond already.”

I put Sarah Morgan down on the top step, and she sat down beside the boy and gibbered to him in a mixture of English, Elven, and baby language. He just held her little hand and listened. Her natural beauty and gentleness effected him deeply. He didn't know what was happening, only that this tiny person made him feel happy for the first time in his life.

Sarah Morgan put her free hand on her tummy and rubbed it. “Hungwy?” she asked Hardy in English. He nodded vigorously, and stood up. I took her hand, while Hardy held the other one, and we made our way to the castle kitchen. I put Sarah Morgan in her handcrafted wooden high chair, and pushed it in to the table.

“You stay here with Aunt Sarah, honey. Mommy will come back for you later.” I kissed her chubby little pink cheek, and headed back up to our room with Thalion.

When we got upstairs, Thalion sat me on the bed by pushing gently on my shoulders. He knelt down on the floor in front of me, and took both of my hands in his.

“I love you and Sarah Morgan more than my own life, darling. I know you suffered terribly when Sarah Morgan was away, not knowing what happened to her. I've been working on something since our wedding last October. I've been collecting little droplets of blood from everyone we love the most. I've put them in matching wristlets for both of us. They work in a similar way to Morgan's pendent, except ours doesn't have a central stone that her heart shares with Ash's.”

He put the most beautiful bracelet I've ever seen on my wrist. It had a series of diamonds set in snowflake shaped platinum settings. Each snowflake had a tiny drop of blood encased in the centre, that had been hardened by elven magic to look like a ruby. There was no clasp on it, he just slipped it over my hand, and it shrunk to my wrist size as though I had been born with it. He handed me an identical bracelet which I put on his left hand.

“Each droplet in the centre represents someone we love. You just touch any snowflake, and a clear image of that person will come into your mind. The bracelet itself represents me and /or Sarah Morgan. If the bracelet glows blood red, then you will envision the situation that endangers us. If the bracelet goes black, then one or both of us is dead. The same thing will occur with my bracelet, if something happens to you or Sarah Morgan.” Thalion explained.

“Sort of like an early warning system?” I asked.

“Exactly,” he grinned. “There are other colours involved. Yellow is cautionary. Someone needs help of some kind, but it's not necessarily life threatening. Green involves the earth, or the presence of growing things, and it could mean something to do with the island, or the Amazon. There are others, but I'm not sure of them all yet. The best rule of thumb is that if a snowflake glows or tingles, touch it, and you'll get a vision of whatever is happening to that person.” Thalion said.

I held my hand out and admired the beautiful thing on my wrist.

“I only wish it had been ready for you before Sarah Morgan was taken to the stronghold. I received it from my mother with the contingent of archers, and the message from my father. I collected the blood from everyone in the last couple of months, and my parents have been collecting the diamonds and putting the charms together for each person. They each have one. That's how they knew I was being attacked when you were pregnant with Sarah Morgan. That's how they got there before my spirit fled my body, and they were able to save me in time.”

“I love it!” I squealed, as I threw my arms around him and started kissing him all over his face. He laughed, and kissed back.

Before we could go any further, my left wrist tingled strongly. I glanced at it, and one of the diamond snowflakes glowed yellow. I touched it, and I got a clear image of Morgan, Mike, and a group of people I didn't know, trapped in a great hall, behind a wall of ice. Morgan had told me about that wall. It was the entrance and exit to Faerie Land. I knew in that instant that we had to get to Faerie land right away. They had to get themselves through that wall, but we had to be there to rescue them when they did.

“We have to go get Morgan and her friends. They're trapped behind the ice wall exit from Faerie Land!” I all but shouted in Thalion's ear.

“I've been waiting for Mike to call me to come get them. I'm wondering if that call was blocked, or he wasn't allowed to call. Someone wants Mike and Morgan to stay in Faerie Land. This does not bode well for asking for help from the Faeries.”

Thalion got up and retrieved his cell phone from the dresser. He used the speed dial to call our pilot. He sat on the bed as he ordered the big military helicopter we had used to help transfer people over to Peace Island from Sanctuary Island, when it became too small for our growing population. When he got off the phone, he turned to me.

“Why the military helicopter?” I asked.

“You said Morgan had a group of friends, right? Besides, it's armed in case we have to fight for the lives of Mike and Morgan.”

I grabbed a heavy sweater, and joined Thalion as we wasted no time to reach the helipad. I called Aunt Sarah on the way, to let her know what was going on. She said she would be happy to watch Sarah Morgan for me.

In the helicopter, I touched Morgan's snowflake several times, but all I could see was that wall of ice. It was a good thing the pilot was the same one who took Mike and Morgan to Faerie Land. He told us he had written the flight co-ordinates in his log book, the same way he records every flight. We landed in the middle of nowhere, and I didn't see any wall of ice. I shot Thalion a questioning glance. He grinned.

“Don't worry, darling, we can't see the Faerie entrance any more than a Faerie could see our Elven realm. I trust the pilot's log book co-ordinates. I felt a tingle on my wrist, and I saw Morgan's snowflake turn from yellow to red.

"They're in danger! I yelled.

The End

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