I nestled in the safety of my husband's arms as we sat on our bed. The ghostly seer told us all that had happened to Sarah Morgan, Llewellyn, and Galen, as seen in her latest vision.

I listened carefully to Miriam's long tale, but my body gradually succumbed to exhaustion. I hadn't slept a moment since my precious daughter flew away in the talons of a dragon.

My body slumped within Thalion's loving comforting arms, and I fell into a fitful sleep. Without knowing I was dreaming, I suddenly found myself on the edge of a meadow surrounded by a forest. The earth was sticky with damp mud, as a mist of rain fell on me. I saw a small fire in the middle distance, and headed toward it.

There was someone sitting behind it, and when the tiny flames suddenly blossomed into a full fire, I knew it was my friend Morgan. I missed her terribly, and I ran toward her, when a big mass of something really ugly appeared at the fire out of nowhere.

"Hey! Get out of here. Get on, get out!" I shouted as I ran.

The thing turned and fled. That was a good thing, because even with my limited knowledge of martial arts, I'm pretty sure that critter could have demolished me. I tend to rush in where even an idiot would fear to tread, especially when those closest to my heart, are involved.

When I approached, I saw Morgan look after the creature with regret. I didn't understand that, until I sat down with her, and she explained to me that the creature was Ash. His evil parents had turned him into that horrible thing. Poor Morgan, falling in love with a man whose parents wanted to destroy them both. We talked about trying to find a way to heal Ash, but it looked pretty grim.

Then I noticed Morgan's wings. They were gorgeous! We had a nice long chat about her testing, then she told me about Queen Helena's speech, and that the faeries were willing to fight with us against the Van Helsings. That was good news. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben would be happy to hear that.

I told her my news, about Llewellyn, Galen and Sarah Morgan going to rescue Ash. The realization of our dilemma occurred to us both at the same time. If the 'boys' didn't know that Ash had been transformed, how would they know him? What if they killed him?! We both stood at once. Morgan told me she would come to Peace Island as soon as she got the official news that she had passed. As I jumped in my sleep, I woke up.

“What is it, darling? You were shouting.” Thalion held me close, with a very concerned look on his face.

“I'm alright, honey. I just had the most amazing dream. I saw Morgan, and she has news of Ash, and the faeries, and ... “

“It was only a dream. We can talk about it later, right now there's something I have to tell you. You fell asleep, so you missed some big news that Miriam saw in her vision ...”

“It's not just a dream, it was real!” I shouted, as I jumped off the bed. “You know that I'm psychic, some of my dreams are real.”

Thalion slid off the bed and pulled me into his arms. “I'm sorry Gloria, I didn't mean to dismiss your dream. We can talk about it in a minute, but first I have to tell you what you missed. Miriam told us that Ash is dead. Some dreadful thing ate him, right in his room.”

I suppose he expected me to dissolve into tears, but I don't think he expected my reaction. I backed out of his arms and faced him.

“Ash isn't dead. He's been changed, transformed.” I turned to Miriam, who was still on the bed. “Did you see the creature? Did it attack Llewellyn or Galen?”

“No, I only saw the boy run out of the room. He told Galen that a bad thing had eaten Asharyn.” She informed me.

“What boy? “

“Some kid the dragon calls Hardy. I don't know who he is, but the shape shifter turned himself into a dragon, and brought him back to the island.”

“Brought him back ... are they here? Is my baby safe?” I grabbed Miriam by the shoulders, and shouted into her face. The poor ghost sobbed and disappeared. I calmed myself down with difficulty, then apologized.

“I'm sorry, Miriam. I didn't mean to yell at you. I just want to see my baby.”

A tiny voice issued out of the thin air. “They''re not here yet, but they will be soon. They have a wizard as well as a boy with them.”

“A wizard? Why is there a wizard?”

“I guess he hitchhiked on Llewellyn's back. As near as I can figure, he returned the dragon and shape shifter's full powers in order to kidnap Sarah Morgan. He was working for the Van Helsings then, but he isn't any more. He allowed Galen and Sarah Morgan to leave by not reinstating the force field. Then he pretty much told them to go take a flying leap. I wouldn’t trust him though. He looks like a sleazie weasel.”

“Why is he coming to the island?”

“He says he wants to help.”

I snorted in disbelief, as a shout from the castle grounds floated up through the open window.

“They're back, and Sarah Morgan is with them!”

I didn't go to see who had shouted, I just raced for the bedroom door, skimpy nighty and all. Thalion laughed and caught me around the waist. He snapped his fingers and whispered a few words. Within seconds, I was fully clothed.

“I'm pretty sure you don't want everyone on the island to see what a spectacular figure  Princess Gloria has.”

I looked at him for a second and blushed. Then I headed for the door again, with Thalion one step ahead, to protect me. The stone steps of the castle were very unforgiving if I were to fall on them, particularly since I was more concerned about seeing Sarah Morgan than being careful on the stairs.

As soon as we got outdoors, I headed for the beach. I could see Llewellyn and Galen come in for a soft landing in the shallow water. Galen returned to his normal human shape after he gently dropped a young boy from his talons, feet first into the warm water. I was still a fair distance away when Llewellyn plucked Sarah Morgan out of her sling and set her into the water beside the boy.

Sarah Morgan loved the water, and I guessed she had begged the dragon to set her down in it. She jumped up and down, splashing happily, as the young boy took one of her hands and guided her to the beach. It suddenly occurred to me this little scenario was exactly what Miriam saw in her earlier vision: Sarah Morgan splashing in the shallows, with someone holding her hand.

I raced through the sand and picked Sarah Morgan up just as she reached shore. I hugged her and kissed her until she protested.

“Mummy, you're squishing me!” I set her down just long enough for her father to pick her up to hug her. As Thalion listened patiently to his daughter's babbled adventures, I waded through the shallows to where Galen, Llewellyn, and a sharp featured little man stood, watching us.

“You have to go back to get Ash.” I shouted up to Llewellyn, who towered above me.

“He's dead, ma'am.” He informed me sadly.

“No he's not, he's just changed, and we'll have to go back to get him.”

“We?” the baffled dragon snorted.

“Yes, we. I know what Ash looks like now. I saw him in a dream.” I turned to the wizard, who looked amused.

“You're coming back with us, wizard, to turn him back again!” I demanded.



The End

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