Tumbled into Love

I sit up in bed and shake my head. Dawn is just breaking. I don’t really remember falling asleep, but I do remember my dream. I’ll have to tell Dad of course. Maybe on the way home. Home, Peace Island. I wonder when we’ll receive notice of our test results. I gently shake Katha awake to find out.

“Hmm...” she mutters and rolls over.

“Katha, please wake up.”

“Morgan?” she rolls back over to look at me. Her sleepy eyes take in the time and she moans. “It’s five am Morgan, why are you awake?”

I sigh. “Too much on my mind I guess.” I shrug, perched on the edge of the bed. “Do you know when to expect our test results?”

“Afternoon sometime I guess.”

I groan and flop backwards on the bed. My eyes stare at the ceiling.

“Go back to sleep,’ Katha pats my knee, “time always goes faster that way.” She rolls over and is soon lost again to the waking world.

I try to sleep. I even lay down properly in bed and close my eyes, trying to force myself to sleep. It doesn’t work. My dream replays itself over and over in my head. Ash’s transformation. Sarah Morgan’s being in danger. So after an hour of tossing and turning I get up, take a shower and dress myself.

Going downstairs I surprise Katha’s mom, Layla I think, who looks up  from her morning coffee. “I thought I’d be the only one up. Katha doesn’t usually stir till about noon and Mike doesn’t seem anywhere near waking up.”

I look to see Dad passed out on the couch, one hand dangling off it, soft snores emitting from his wide open mouth. I look to Layla. She too is gazing at Dad. Her face is determined and she mutters something, hand holding a necklace. She drops it a soon as she realizes I’m gazing at her. Blushing slightly she hides it by turning to the cupboards.

“Do you want any breakfast?”

“Just some cereal, please.”

“I think I can do that.”

Layla pulls out a bowl, a box of cereal and milk. She hand’s it all to me and rummages around for a spoon while I fix my breakfast. I eat slowly, but my stomach churns in nervous knots. I need to be doing something and the only thing that comes to mind is baking. I finish eating and take my bowl and spoon to the sink and wash it.

“Mrs. Romero de Jager,’ I speak up hesitantly, stumbling over her name.

“Please you can call me Layla,” she tells me kindly.

“Layla,” I try the name out and it feels right.

“Yes Morgan?”

“Would it be okay if I did some baking?”

Layla looked at me confused. “Baking?”

“I need something to do, and,” I flail my hands unable to get the rest of the words out.

“Well sure, but I don’t really have anything here for you to bake with. I’m not much of a cook I’m afraid.”


She must have heard my disappointment for she quickly continued, “The grocery store is open, why don’t we just go pick up what you need.” She looks up the stairs and to then to Dad. “I don’t think our sleeping beauties will even notice.”

I smile as Dad emits a loud snore and rolls over entangling himself even more in his covers. “No, I don’t think they will.”

Still Layla leaves a note on the fridge and I catch her looking at Dad before we leave. I am now certain there is something going on between them. I would say it is too soon and there is no way they could have fallen in love already, but who am I to judge? Just look at how quickly Ash and I tumbled into love, and trouble.

The End

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