As soon as Galen and Llewellyn were out of sight, the wizard disappeared momentarily, then reappeared on the shoreline. The Van Helsings were already there. Elektra stood with her binoculars trained out to sea, while Judas paced back and forth in the hard packed black gravel, that had been washed up on shore. When the wizard appeared, Judas turned toward,him, with flashing green fury blazing out of his eyes.

“Where are they, Shanahan? They should be here by now. Those fancy tracking devices you embedded in their skulls, aren't working. We have no idea where they are!” Judas screamed, then grabbed the wizard by the shoulders, shaking him violently.

Shanahan's face went beet red, then it began to glow. Within minutes, his entire body glowed with intense heat. Van Helsing released him, then jumped back with a howl of pain.

You will pay for this, wizard! You aren't the only spellbinder we can use. There are others that are much more powerful, and a lot more motivated to do our bidding. You're worthless! Go out and find the dragon, the shape shifter and the baby. If you don't return with them in two days, then you better start watching your back. You'll never rest easy again. We have enslaved magical creatures that could tear you asunder in seconds, before you even have a chance to formulate a killing spell!”

Shanahan stood at a short distance and stiffened his four foot frame, as he folded his arms.

So ye think ye have me under yer thumb, human! Yuh be wrong. I could burn yuh both alive right now, if I wished, but the stink would sicken me.”

Shanahan's Irish brogue tended to thicken whenever he was angry. He was telling the truth about burning them alive, but he knew the Van Helsings had a lot of evil supporters around the world, who would make him a target if he killed them.

If yuh think yer gonna make that little brat o' yers the head of yer family some day, think again. The dragon and the shape shifter have him. They fried the drael, then flew straight to Asharyn's old room. The roar comin' outa that room was hilarious! The kid came runnin' out, and they caught up somehow. I couldn't see through the thick fog, but I could hear 'em. The brat thinks the thing makin' all the noise, ate Asharyn! He don't know that the critter in there is Asharyn. Anyway, I could see them as they flew away. The shape shifter has the brat in his pterodactyl talons. Now all you have left is that half changed son of yours. I told you he would fight it, I told you it was useless even to try changing him into something evil like you. That's why I didn't do the change for you. He's good. Evil spells don't work well on good people, and sometimes they backlash and kill the spellbinder who cast the spells.”

The Van Helsings stared at the little wizard in disbelief for a few minutes, then Elektra spoke up.

If you saw them leave, why didn't you put the force field up? “

I had no reason to. Those two lads never did me any harm. They never shouted at me and called me names as you have. I've had enough you two. I'm done with you.”

With that, the small wizard disappeared, without a puff of smoke, a razzle dazzle, or a fine farewell, he was gone. The Van Helsings screamed threats and curses after him, but he was nowhere within hearing distance. He was on his way to Peace Island.

Galen and Llewellyn were more than half way to the island, when a crack of lightning, and the smell of ozone, made the boys pull up short and halt their progress. Galen glanced over to see if his dragon friend had been hit by the lightning. Llewellyn seemed to be fine, but there was something different about him. Now he had a small wizard on his back!

"Hey Llewellyn, that evil wizard is hitchhiking on you."

The dragon turned around to see if it was true. He tried to snort flames out of his snout, but nothing came out.

Tsk tsk, I gave you your powers back, and there's nothing to stop me from taking them away. I don't intend to harm you, or relieve you of your barbeque ability. It was me that deliberately didn't put that force field back up. I simply want to go with you to Peace Island.”

"Why?” Llewellyn snorted several puffs of frustrated dark smoke.

I want to help.” Shanahan answered.

The End

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