Faerie Bound

Mike and Morgan have descended form the Protagonize Bus. It is time for them to own their past and forge their future. Will their Faerie blood prove to be a hindrance or a boon? Either way it binds them together as father and daughter.

Prologue (Haddie Baker)


Haddie Baker paced from the kitchen to the living room and back. She hadn’t been sleeping well these past two nights. A sense of dread filled her. She’d tried calling her granddaughter, Morgan, five times in the past two days. Shy Morgan might be, but Haddie knew she was responsible. She ought to have called back by now.

Haddie reached out for the phone then snatched her hand away. If Morgan needed her, truly needed her, then she would call. Her cell phone would be off anyway. She was a good girl, knew not to waste the battery or minutes.

Haddie could only afford the bare minimum of cell plans. She was going to have to sell the farm soon and move into town. That was a task she dreaded, knowing full well what the developers who bought the farm would do. They would split it into 500 pieces and build large houses on tiny pots of land. They wouldn’t respect Devil’s Flat either.

Haddie Baker looked out the window toward that flat rocky structure that jutted above the woods. For a moment her eyes went dark as she saw a vivid image of a young man fighting a demon amidst a dark storm. She blinked and Devil’s Flat seemed it’s normal self, the sun reflecting red and gold as it began its heavenly decent.


The sound of the phone made Haddie jump.


She felt frozen in place; her unease handicapping her.


Oh Lord, Haddie prayed, please let it be my granddaughter.



The End

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