The woman

The rainfall from the sky was nothing compared to that from Eyes.  They seemed to drawl softly down her Honey coloured cheek, though the pain that had forced them out was far greater than the aesthetic. 

There were admittedly few around the grave, to say he had been such a popular man, his mother, father, sister, 1 or 2 friends had come.

Was this all there were to pay tribute to such a beautiful life?

Lucia said nothing as they lowered the wicker coffin into the ground, a great man who had so much love, this apparently was enough, to leave him surrounded by dirt and worms, a simple, though admittedly, beautiful stone. The vicar warbled a few words; mundane and bored, Lucia’s heart was wilting.

The service ended suddenly, the rain pelted harder and harder as flowers were placed in the mini flood that was dripping of the black stone. They’d all agreed to place their own choice of flowers.

His mother placed some Bluebells; held by a teddy, which looked like it had gone for a swim, probably to prepare for this downpour.

His sister placed some daffodils.

Then it was Lucia’s turn, she ignored the strange glances she received as she placed her bouquet.

She placed a small bunch of daisies down their small white leaves momentarily contrasting against the dirt, before being beaten by the incoming drops.

She walked away, the wind whipped her hair around, her long hair whirling through the gale, the charcoal bounces startling against the blue sky, tears had stained her cheeks, she ignored the red hot stares form behind. She didn’t want to see him in the round that would be burying the memories with him.

She looked up as the clouds parted, millimetres at a time, no light came through, just rain, but there was a small glance at a baby blue sky, the beginning of the clearer day.

“ I won’t lose them, I won’t.” She whispered, wondering where her tears ended and the rain began. “ Our memories are forever; Freddie.”

The End

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