I didn’t actually realise how emotion I was while telling him about my life.
Michael was my world, and now he’s gone and my parents don’t even know that I’m alive.
Nate surprisingly really understood. After I had finished my story I just stared at him with tearful eyes.
So… your parents never told you that you were adopted?”
No.” I sniffed and covered my eyes. “I just really want to see them.”
You may not like what you see… I mean, your funeral must’ve been weeks, months, ago.”
I don’t care. I jut want to see them. To tell them that I’m okay, and that they don’t need to hurt anymore.”
Nate hummed loudly to himself, I guess he knew there was no way he could stop me from seeing them.
Do you want to know about teleportation?”
Umm…” I thought for a moment. “I guess so… Sure.”
I stoped to think… Teleportation. That means…
I spun around to face the spring again.
Michael!” I shrieked. “I can teleport back in time to safe him! To warn everyone about the fire!”
No. Samantha don’t!” he yelled and yanked my arm.
I closed my eyes, blocking out Nate’s screams. I thought about our beautiful wedding setting. --The trees around the clearing, the little park benches. I pictured it as everything was on our wedding day, down to every last decoration.
Oh no…” I heard Nate whisper.
I opened my eyes to reveal us standing in the middle of a forest of dead trees.
I broke apart from Nate. “Why is it still like this? I pictured my wedding day…”
I tried to tell you. We can’t travel through time… We can only move from space to space.”
How do you know?” I snapped.
Well do you think my mother and father would still be dead if we could time travel?”
I guess not…”
“Seriously, you need to realise you’re not the only one here with problems.” He told me sweetly, then added. “And could you
please trust me?”
Trust you! I don’t even know you!”
I saved you, unless you have forgotten!”
How can I forget? You mention it every five seconds.”
Things were heating up. I guess Nate didn’t really deserve all my bottled up emotions, but screaming at him really did seem to help.
You know what? I shouldn’t have bothered.”
Maybe you shouldn’t have.” I sighed, calming down a little. “But then I would never be able to see my family. So… Thank you.” I smiled weakly and stared at his face, he was so hard to read.
Urgh!” He yelled finally, this most mean he did not accept my thank you. “They’re not even your family! The sooner you forget them, the better.”
I was shocked, this boy I had barely known for over thirty minutes told me to forget the only living people I cared about.
You know what? I’m not even slightly going to take in what you just said. Because I believe they are my family, after all, they are the ones who raised me…” My voice trailed off, then I said, “Come on, let’s just go and find somewhere to sleep. I’m sure that’s something we can agree on.”
Honey,” he smiled, as through our fight never existed. “I already have that planned out.”
With that, he took my shoulder and snapped me to the mystery place inside his head…

For the third time today I looked around at my new surroundings. We appeared to be in a large, well furnished apartment. The theme of the apartment looked to be red; red leather couch, red picture frames and a red ceiling. The walls were all black and the chairs, coffee and dinner table were made of shiny oak. All in all, it was a very nice set up.
Nate gestured me to follow him over to a balcony behind the coach.
He opened the wide glass door for me and let me step through it.
I was shocked by the magnificent site that I saw. Never in my life had I seen anything more beautiful.
Before my eyes was a view of a wide, stretched out beach. I’d been asleep for the good part of the day and by now it was nearly sunset, making the sky a marvellous shade of pink. It’s not like I’d never seen a beach before, I’ve seen them all the time on TV, but seeing one of close was breathtaking. Living in, and never travelling far out of, Alice Springs I didn’t really have access to one.
The beach of crowded; there was people both in and out of the water. I looked out into the horizon to see surfers, riding the huge crashing waves.
Nate casually put his arm around my shoulders, and said, “Welcome to Sydney! And this, dear Samantha, is Bondi Beach.” He stretched his free hand along the shape of the beach.
I didn’t really know what to say. I just stood listening to the wave’s crash, and the distant sounds of people laughing and having fun.
Maybe I missed mum and dad, I sincerely missed Michael, but living here with Nate wouldn’t be so bad. I mean, you just have to smell the salty air and you’re in heaven.
Have you ever thought about visiting your real parents?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t be offended by my question.
I felt his arm, with was still wrapped over my shoulders, tense slightly.
No… Well, I…”
You’re scared what they’d think of you.”
I’m… Not.”
You’re worried that they left you because they truly didn’t want you.” I smirked, knowing I was correct.
Lay off, would you? At least my adopted parents told me I wasn’t there own.” Even through he’s words were harsh, he’s voice was still a quiet whisper, and his arm had not moved off me. I huffed, and pushed it off.
You don’t even know if that’s true!”
I walked back through the glass door, slamming it behind me.
I closed my eyes and pictured the place I wanted most in the world- Home.


The End

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