A Boy With Purple HairMature

A Boy with Purple Hair

The strong smell of blood flooded through the air in the small room. But surprisingly, I was in no pain. I could feel the dry blood all over my face and I looked down at my body and I could see blood over it also. What Felix had done to me was wrong; I knew that much. He had ‘claimed’ that he took me from the hospital to keep the doctors from doing this sort of thing to me. But I now realise he stole me from the hospital so he could do these ‘tests’ himself.
I really couldn’t help but feel sorry for Shannon through. She showed me an act of kindness some may never have even thought about doing. How could someone so pure be even slightly related to a man who shows such hate and anger to a living creature; in this case, me being the creature.
My mind suddenly raced backwards; back when I was 7.
My eyes were watering and I could feel my mother by my side.
What’s the matter dear?”
I pointed straight forward to a group of older boys swarmed around an injured cat. They were all laughing whilst kicking it.
Mum gasped and hugged me, and then took my hand tightly.
No, Mummy I don’t want to go near them.”
She never spoke, she just flicked her red hair over her shoulder and tugged me towards were the boys were standing.
I had never seen my mother scream so loud. The boys just eyed her. I swear I heard some of them whimper like little dogs as they ran off.
I still had my mothers hand in mine as she leaded me towards the poor animal.
The cat was fully black and its coat was shining in the hot sun.
It was lying still, so I lent down and patted its head. Its eyes opened and I looked at my mum.
Those boys were so mean. Look at the pretty kitty.”
Yes they were dear. People who are that evil really need a good talking to, or they’ll never change.”
At the time I had no idea what my mother meant. I just laughed and kept saying ‘Pretty kitty’ until she let me take the cat home. Well, I guess that’s the story of how I got my first pet, ‘Lucky.’ I wish what my mother said was true, but I had no hope just talking to Felix, he needed a lot more than that.
I was just about to start crying again when there was a bolt of light in front of the chair I was attached to.
I re-opened my eyes and I tall boy stood before me. He had purple hair- purple hair, no joke- and had a hard look on his face.
God, what have they done to you?” He stammered.
I opened my mouth to reply, but he stopped me.
No… Bad question… It’s obvious, I know.” He walked towards me and rubbed his forehead. “All you need to know is I’m here to get you out of here.”
Get me out?” I repeated, “But my hands are scrapped onto this darn thing.”
Okay, Okay. Um… Hold my hand.” He grabbed my hand tightly. “Close your eyes.”
I shut my eyes closed and waited for the next instruction.
Think of… The caves… The ones near Mt. Goodmund.” He paused, and then said. “Got it?”
I nodded and said, “Yes. I do.”
Now hold that thought.”
I pictured Mt. Goodmund and caves my cousins and I used to hide in when we were young. I remembered the smell of water, as there was a spring near by it.
I felt the new found stranger let go of my hand and told me softly, “You can open your eyes now.”
I slowly opened them. To find sun in my eyes.
I panted, only to say, “Am I… Am I really here? Or did Felix really kill me?”
He chuckled, “He also wishes he could…”
I turned my head to the left. The purple haired boy was smiling happily at me.
My smile back was uneasy.
Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Nate by the way. And that, my friend, was the art of teleportation.”
He grabbed my hand, pulling mu upwards. I, after standing up, immediately let go of his hand, it felt awkward- he may have saved me from that awful place, but he was still a stranger.
I looked around at where I was, it was exactly how I pictured it. The trees were so green and so was the damp grass. I looked over at the cave on the mountain side. Apart from just were my cousins and I you’d to go, it also happen to be where Michael and I first met. I was with my cousins, me being 8 and Michael being 14. Now, it certainly wasn’t love at first site. I was scared to the bone of him, and to him, I just looked like a baby. But when we met again at 16 and 22 we both knew where our hearts lied.
Turning again, I started to walk over to the spring. The water sparkled in the bright sun like diamonds. The small waterfalls trickled and splashed, like a beautiful symphony.
I didn’t want to have anymore memories so I decided to direct my mind to Nate.
Nate was standing beside me with a smug look.
So…” I started off, rocking on my feet like a little child. “Nate- is that short for something, Nathaniel?”
No.” He plainly said.
I stroked my chin, to pretend I was thinking very hard.

Look,” he said and put a friendly hand on my shoulder, “Just Nate. So are we going to talk about… what we are….?”
What we are?” I repeated. Why do we have to be something, can’t we just be normal?
Maybe… I should tell you my story first?”
I nodded and then waited for him to begin.
As you know… My name is Nate, and like you, I have no idea where I came from- or where I belong. The Jawes, my adoptive family, were just given me. They had signed up for adoption because my mother, Diana- stubborn as she was- didn’t want get pregnant because it might jeopardise her so called ‘perfect figure.’ But before they even entered the adoption centre an emotional couple just gave them me, along with my name, like I was an old pet or a used toy.” He stopped and shook his head. Then clapped his hands once and continued. “So anyway… I grew up as any normal child, no signs of being different or weird. Except…well, my purple hair. I had dyed over it many times, but it never seemed to change colour.” He tugged his hair and flashed me a smile of perfect teeth. He reminded me of Michael- so handsome…
Then, the day I turned eighteen my father and I were in a terrible car accident. I was driving. I wasn’t paying attention and ran a red light, causing many cars unable to stop flying into us. My father died that day… and I walked away without a single scratch on me. I healed in the car, doctors called it a miracle, Felix called it an abomination.”
Felix had said the exact same thing to me right after I watched him kill a man…
As I exited the hospital, to call my mother to break her the bad news, Felix tapped me on the shoulder and took me away. Without even letting me speak to her.”
Must have been hard….”
Ummm… DUH! Now can you please let me continue?”
I was shocked my Nate’s rudeness.
Excuse me Nate. There’s no need to rude.”
I’m telling my emotional past, you rudely interrupt, and then call me rude. Are you forgetting who saved you? I wouldn’t exactly call that an act of rudeness.” He was frowning at me and folding his arms.
I put my hands up in the air, almost like surrendering, “Fine. Continue.”
You’re such an ungrateful little-”
I quickly cut his mumbling short. “You can finish your story now.”
He pursed his mouth, and then continued. “So that was how I found out I could not die. Like you, when taken to that place- the ETRF- I was tested on. But unlike you, they didn’t hold back, they just got straight into hardcore torture. I’ve had so many unimaginable things done to me, which I wish that could be forgotten.” He slowly crouched to the ground, and I followed. “I found out I could teleport while in the building. All day, everyday I thought about home, thought about my mother. Then one morning- BAM!” he clapped his hands together, loudly. “I was sitting on my front porch.”
The story seemed to have a happy ending, but Nate’s face was not looking bright.
I bet your Mum was happy to see you again.” I smiled willingly.
My mother…” he sniffed and pushed my hand away. “I found her… Look, with both me and my father supposedly dead, you have to understand that she thought there was no point... no point in living without the ones she loved.”
Gosh, that sounds like how I feel…
I found her on the kitchen floor, in a pool of blood. Her throat was slit, and I knew what she had done. I couldn’t handle it, so I just called 000 and left. I left her there…”
Nate, I…”
It’s okay, really. Ever since I escaped I went back to the ETRF time after time. Checking up to see if they were hurting anyone else, and to destroy the records of me being there. So that’s how I found out you were being held there. I’m so sorry I couldn’t come sooner. I only just found out.”
That’s fine.” I said as he finally smiled at me again. “And wow.”
Wow’ was really all I could say.
Your turn.” He said quickly.
Your turn to tell me your life story.”
Hey, I told you didn’t I?”
Yes. But-”
Please?” He smiled another irresistible ‘Michael’ smile and I sighed
And after that, I told a complete stranger the story of my life. Down to ever last detail…


The End

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