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Pure Evil

Over the next three months I’ve had numerous tests done to me. Brain scans, blood tests, tissue samples and lumbar punctures. Honestly, I felt like a human lab rat; but at least they weren’t cutting or harming me to see how fast my body reacts. Even if the tests were really bad; there was nothing I could do about it, I was a prisoner here.
Each morning was the same- wake up, eat the food given to my and be taken through a narrow hallway, into the Medical Room.
The Medical Room had many different machines that I had no idea in which were being used for; flashing ones, sawing ones, big ones and small ones.
The room was huge and had many small rooms attached, for the worst important machinery, like the CAT scan and such.
But to my utter surprise, this morning I wasn’t led through the narrow hall, but instead, I very large one. I looked from side to side and I could see many closed doors, similar to mine, with door labels on each one.
I was walking to fast to check what each label read. I guess they were names of other aliens that were being held her along we me.
Finally Nurse Layla pushed me into a room at the very end of the hall.
Without looking back at me, she slammed the door.
Like all the others, the room was also painted white.
I shivered; this room was quite cold, similar to a freezer.
The light was dimmed and I could see a dark figure a few metres in front of me.
He was sitting completely still on a large wooden chair. He was breathing heavily.
Hello?” I called out for him.
Thought I couldn’t be human, they did.” He replied in an English accent.
W-what was that?”
Like he had never heard me, he continued on “Couldn’t possibly be human. No, no. Locked me up in here they did.” He slowly lifted his head. Through the dimmed light I could see his green eyes gorking at me. I looked down at his hands; they were strapped to the chair. His eyes looked like shiny, floating marbles.
What’s wrong with you, why did they have to keep you here?”
NOTHING!” He yelled. His eyes widened and he quickly struggled in his chair. His glaze was over my shoulder, so I slowly crept around.
Felix was standing at the doorway and in his hand was something small and black.
No! No! Not again! Don’t I beg of you!” The dark figure shouted out in fear.
I see you’ve met Nigel Maxwell.” Felix said, ignoring so called ‘Nigel’ completely.
Still ignoring Nigel’s Pleas he held the item to his neck.
This is the last time Nigel.” Felix finally said to him.
You’re a monster!” Nigel screamed.
Felix twisted his face then in a sudden bolt of electricity Nigel’s body began to shake.
What kind of place are you running here?” I questioned and ran to Nigel’s side.
His eyes were glassy and I put my hand on his warm cheek. He stopped shaking and I could see his face clearly now. This man was no older than me!
Sorry you had to see that.” Felix told me and opened the window blinds. The room suddenly filled with colour. They way Felix spoke the words he was telling me was like ‘Sorry you caught me kicking you dog’ and not ‘Sorry you just saw me kill a man.
Why did you just do that? There was nothing wrong with him!”
Crap.” He muttered, “I thought Layla took him out already. What would it hurt to check the room before you push another one into it…?”
That man was right. You are a monster.”
And you and he are an abomination to this planet!”
I want to go home.” I said quietly, calming myself. “Let me our of here. Release me!”
No. You belong to us now. No one is looking for you. No one can help you!” He said wickedly, and laughed, an evil, deep laugh.
Tears filled my eyes; I hadn’t cried in weeks, all my emotions were being surfaced. I wished Michael were here with me. He’d show this evil man a thing or too.
I think its time you went back to your old room.”
Old room? After Nigel had gone, was this supposed to be my new one?
Felix grabbed my shoulders and started pushing me back down the hallway.
Get off me!” I yelled and struggled to get out of his grip.
But to my dismay it was no use. For an old man Felix was very strong.

Time for drastic measures”
But that’s awful… Sir…”
You know we can handle it. Besides she knows too much, we much as well take the testing up a notch.”
“Very well. When do you think she’s going to wake up?”

Oh, she already is…”
My eyes flickered open. I bright light was being shone over me. Felix and his young daughters face were just over mine. Felix, as usual, was smiling down at me, while Shannon was looking overly worried.
I tried to sit up, but my hands had been tied down.
Just like Nigel, I thought.
I felt sweat forming on my forehead as I looked around. I was clearly in one of the rooms attached to the Medical Room; they all basically looked the same. I has never been in this one before, the machinery was like no others I’ve seen in my stay here.
Let me go Felix.” I hissed, through gritted teeth.
Now, now, honey. We are just running a few more tests, nothing major.” He and Shannon reached for two doctor’s masks, and then put them on their faces.
Nothing major!? I heard you. ‘Drastic measures’ seems pretty major to me.”
But neither Felix nor Shannon answered.
Shannon shook her head and handed Felix a scalpel.
The scalpel shone in the light, it glistened.
What are you doing with that?” I asked quickly, as the scalpel was getting closer to my face.
I started to panic, and I shook my head from side to side, squirming like a caged animal, which I guess I was.
I think I may have spoken to soon about them not harming me.
Felix’s hand moved fast, as he noticed my reaction, as Shannon stood gasping in horror.
The pain on my forehead was excruciating.
Felix hummed loudly to cover my screams.
After he had finished sawing into my head he moved his scalpel down to my legs and arms.
My brain was racing; I never thought a human being could be so cruel.
Blood was dripping over my eyes, which were water filled.
I wanted him to stop. I just wanted the pain to go away.
I really cannot take anymore of this!” I heard Shannon yell.
My vision was blurry, from all the blood, but I saw her put something see-through over my mouth and nose.
The room started the fade to black as a slowly fell out of consciousness.



The End

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