Fading by DearAngel__xMature

Samantha is insanely in love with her husband, and family. But when a freak accident happens at her wedding her world comes crushing down...
She gets taken to a strange, and cruel facility.
She has to come to terms with her new found abilities... and save her parents. To discover who she really is.

The Institute

White. All the walls were white- everything here seemed to be.
Come along Miss James,” the old nurse prodded my back.
Don’t call me that!” I screamed at her and pushed her backwards. “My name is Samantha Nickson.”
Calm down!” she yelled in my ear and seized my hands behind my back. “You not are in trouble. You just have a lot of explaining to do.”
I couldn’t catch my breath. Everything was so surreal. I wanted to see Michael. Where was Michael?
We stopped at a closed door, marked: Interviewing Room.
The nurse let go of my hands and opened the door in front of me.
Come in, Samantha James.” A mystery voice told me from inside the room.
I froze. This cannot be good. And I wish everyone would stop calling me that, it is not my name.
I said come in!” the voice repeated, only louder.
I jumped and stepped into the bright room.
There was an old man, maybe the same age as the nurse, who had white hair and a wrinkled face. His mouth was pursed and his eyes were completely on me.
The man, was rocking back and fourth on an old cane chair in the corner of the room.
I tilted my head, I was still very confused.
The nurse laughed behind me and slammed the door shut.
I jumped again- this place also frightened me a little bit.
Sit, please.” The old man smiled and gestured me to sit on a black stool in the centre of the room.
Apart from the stool and the cane chair the room was empty. There was only one open-bind window on the wall beside the chair. The light filled the very white room and made thin lines across the old mans face.
I sat onto the small stool and looked onto the floor. My mud-filled brown hair hung over my sad face as a tear ran down my cheek.
Why am I here?” I asked, glumly, without looking up.
I heard the man chuckle as he said, “I am Felix Hexton, President of the Extra Terrestrial Research Foundation. I’d like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind.”
My head shot up and I quickly wiped away my tear. I was in no danger, they must just want me to join there little club. It’s an honest mistake because I do not believe in alien and thing from outer space.
Sir, a mis-”
How old are you?” he snapped.
18 years old. But-”
And how long have you lived on planet earth amongst humans without us detecting anything?”
Um…” I moaned. These guys have to be crazier than they look. Me, an alien? “…18 years…I guess…”
Oh, if that’s how your going to play it!” he screamed. Then muttered, “Alien scum…”
I’m not playing anything!” I yelled, right back at him. “If this is how you’re going to play it then you can call my husband, the lawyer.
Your husband, what?”
Are your deaf and stupid? Yes my husband. Michael Nickson.”
The old man put his hand over his mouth and closed his eyes.
I blinked. Ha, so there. I guess the old E.T. dude isn’t so tough now, is he?
I tapped my foot on the hard floor and brushed my hair backwards- making my hand go black from all the mud.
You don’t remember… anything,” Felix said slowly, “…Do you?” His eyes re-opened his eyes to look back at me.
Remember what? I remember waking up here with an old bag looking over my face!”
Felix got up from the chair and walked over to me. He knelt down until our faces met.

We picked you up from the hospital. The fire injured some pretty badly, even killed a few.”
What fire?” I asked, I could hear my voice getting louder and louder. I stood up. “Michael, I want to see him now!
Michael… he ah… died in the fire. So did you everyone assumed…”
Michael died!?” I kicked the plastic stool. Tears ran down my face. “You’re lying!” I told him through gritted teeth. “Tell me were Michael is!”
Well I’m guessing the morgue…”
Liar!” I screamed and lunged towards Felix. “NO!” I shouted with hands on his neck.
The door burst open, yet I did not stop.
This man is lying to me. How could he lie to me?
I heard a gun being fired behind me and felt a tremendous pain in my back.
My hands slowly loosened from around his neck, they were too weak. My eyes grew heavy as I nurse the nurse whisper, “It’ll be okay. I’ll be okay.”

I am so proud honey.” Mum smiled as she took another photo of me and my father before putting her camera back into her bag.
One last check.” I told her softly.
Okay dear.” Mum answered, smiling. “Something old.”
I touched my grandmother’s necklace. She left this to me when she died. I wear it all the time.
Something new.”
I rolled up my dress and showed my mother my new grata.
As I beamed as I heard Dad mutters something about being ‘too young.’ I was happy because I knew how much Michael and I were in love. Dad couldn’t stop that, no matter how hard he tried. Even through Michael was 6 years older than me, our love was very strong.
Something borrowed.”
I pointed to my butterfly hair pin and smiled. This was borrowed off Michael’s mother.
Something blue.”
I twinkled my fingers in front of her face.
As a familiar Canon began to play I knew it was time, time to become Mrs. Nickson. Mum hurried off to find her seat as Dad took my arm and we exited my small dressing-room tent and starting walking slowly down the wedding aisle. Just put one foot in front of the other, and try not to start hyperventilating. I looked up towards Michael and another heart felt heart crept across my face. His blonde hair shining in the sun and his suit flickered in the wind.
Petals were being thrown onto my veil. After my dad took his seat I walked slowly up to my soon-to-be husband and took his willing hand.
I love you.’ He mouthed.
I love you too.” I whisper back.
We began to hear the priest ‘holy wedding words’ as a light caught my attention. My eyes widened and I spun around to around and faced my young cousin, Lachlan.
No, stop!” I screamed at him and ran back down the aisle.
But I was already too late. The paper-daisy arch caught alight in a flash of bright orange flames. People were screaming and running, including Michael, who dashed to my side again and re-took my hand.
My uncle, who thought he’d be saving the day, poured a liquid over the fire. But little did the drunken fool no, his whisky only made the fire worse.
The fire quickly grew and set alight the tables and near by trees- closing Uncle Jim, my parents, Michael and I in a circle of fire. Not to mention along with a few other guests.
Michael! Michael!” I shouted, “Please don’t let go of my hand!” I held onto him tightly, I never wanted to let him go.
I won’t, I won’t,” he soothed, calming, “Everything is going to be okay.”
The word ‘okay’ rattled through my mind and I remember where I really was.
No, it’s not going to be okay!” I yelled as he suddenly lost grip of my hand.
He grew further and further away from me while continuing to tell me everything is okay.
Its not! No, everything is not okay, Michael! Don’t leave me, please don’t die!”
He took one last breath, “It will be okay.” Then he stepped into the burning flames.

MICHAEL!” I cried out to the empty room, and sat up.
I was in a small, dark room- unlike the others in this place.
My back was stiff, I had no idea how long I had been out for.
They must have used a tranquiliser on me… They can’t have really shot me. Could they? Other wise I’d be dead.
I looked down at the bed I’d been lying on. At the very end of the bed there was a ripped and singed piece of material. It was long and skinny, like a rope. I held the material close to my face. I recognised it. It was the lining on the top of my wedding dress.
Tears were filling my eyes again as held the fabric close.
Michael was dead. It was not a dream, and Felix was not lying to me.
The material was burnt very badly; you couldn’t even see the white anymore.
I looked down at what I had been wearing- baggy jeans and a plain blue t-shit- these clothes did not belong to me.
Why was I alive? Why did Michael have to die and not me?
And most importantly, why am I still being held here?
Wait if Michael was dead, what ever happened to my parents?
There were so many unanswered questions racing through my mind. I had to find answers.
Oh God!” I yelled and started fidgeting with the dress lining.
I held each end of the lining tightly in my hand, and then I wrapped it around my neck. I starting pulling harder and harder, tighter and tighter, using all my strength.
I knew I was hardly breathing at this point, but I really didn’t care.
I wanted to die. I wanted to be with Michael, always and forever.
What is the point of living if the person you love most has been tragically ripped out of your life?
The door burst open with a loud swing and an attractive young nurse walked in the door.
I dropped the lining from my names and glared at the nurse.
Her name tag read ‘Shannon Hexton.’
I knew it was hard to believe, but that attractive nurse must be Felix daughter.
I looked closely at her turned away face. I could faintly see the resemblance; in the eyes; only the eyes.
She, strangely enough, had no sense of worry, what so ever, that I was just attempting suicide.
You nurses really don’t like to knock do you?” I said coldly, remembering the old nurse bursting in on me trying to kill Felix.
The nurse still didn’t look at me, or speak back; she just looked over my chart, raised her eyebrow and put some food onto the table on the opposite wall from the bed.
And another thing,” I continued, since she obliviously wasn’t going to answer, “Why are there so many nurse in a facility meant for aliens?
The time she froze, stopped everything she was doing and stared at me; long and hard. She looked so much like Felix, well her freaky eyes anyway. Still she never spoke.
She put my chart back onto the bed-end and walked through the door. Her eyes never left my glaze.
I’d like to speak to Felix!” I screamed out after her, and then muttered, “…Your old bag of a father…”

After I was sure she was not going to return I rolled myself over until I reached the end of the bed.
I wanted to see what was so interesting about my chart so I picked it up. It read:
Extra Terrestrial Research Foundation’ Nope, he hadn’t been lying there either. I guess all these people really are crazy.
I scanned through until I found a title that caught my eye: ‘Existence on Earth The answer I found was even more bazaar ‘Unknown.
They have got to be kidding me! I have lived on earth for 18 years. The exact same as any other normal person my age.
I gasped as I read on. Both the titles and answers were getting worse.
When I finally got to the last title it read:
Special/Unique Features
My hands shook as I read aloud the answer.
Immortal…” I had to read slowly, as my voice was croaky and my mouth had begun to dry, “… From studies we now know that she can heal faster than anything we have ever seen. We have come to the conclusion that she is unable to die. Farther research may be required.”
No, no it has to be lies. They are trying to make me go crazy. I’m not weird. I’m not an alien. And I’m certainly not immortal!
And even if in some strange way it was true, why was I only just starting to ‘Heal fast’ just now? I mean I only just turned eighteen for god’s sake. I’m like any other person. I’ve grown up having injuries and accidents my whole life and they took the normal amount of time to heal.
There was a knock on my door.
I quickly put the chart back where I found it as Felix slowly entered the room.
You like it when people knock, do you not?”
Your suppose to wait for me to tell you to when to enter first.” I snapped.
I’m sorry, next time I won’t bother.” He told me in a flat tune.
Um…” I stared to the floor and twisted my foot. “I remember what happened. I remember it all.”
Samantha, I am sorry.” He said sympathetically.
Don’t be. You couldn’t have stopped it. It’s not your problem to be sorry about.” I whispered to him as he sat on the bed beside me. “And if you were really sorry you’d get me out of here, so I can see my family. Unless they are dead as well…”
Not that sorry, I’m afraid. But all your family are safe. Um… that trouble is… they all think you are dead.”
Dead. You know, deceased, bit the dust, departed, done for, gone to reward, resting in peace, pushing up for daisies, out of one’s misery, ten feet under, fallen off the perch-”
There was awkward silence between us.
So I spoke again, “Why didn’t you tell them I survived?”
Well, you see…. I was in the hospital recruiting nurses to work here. One nurse pointed you out and said we had get you away some how. So we told the others nurses and doctors you had passed away. We had to get your healing body to this institute quickly before the doctors found out what you can do.”
What can I do? This has to be all crap. Next thing I know you’ll be holding me up for a 10 million dollar ransom. You freaking kidnappers!”
Oh?” He said defensively, “You really think so?”
Yes. I do.” I answered, folding my arms in front of my chest.
I have two points to prove you wrong.” eHe He held up to, very long, fingers in front me. “One- You survived the fire after being burnt to ‘death’.” He quoted when he said the word ‘death.’
I’m not the only person who survived.” I pointed out.
But you and your ex-fiancé were the only two people that were burnt that badly. Well… You know what happened to him.”
I opened my mouth, ready to reply, when I stopped myself. I then blinked- my ex-fiancé- the word made my deep brown eyes water. But I promised myself I would not cry in this place again, and certainly not in front of this strange man.
I would prefer it if you didn’t bring up that story. It’s hard enough already.”
Very well then. Are you ready for my second point?”
I suppose so.” I sniffed.
Can you explain why you didn’t die when Layla shot you in the back?”
Because it was obliviously a tranquilliser. And who’s Layla?” I was frowning at this point. Of course it was a tranquilliser… There is no other way…
The so called ‘old bag’ nurse. It wasn’t a tranquilliser.”
As I sat wondering how he could possibly still be lying to me Felix pulled a small plastic container, with a yellow lid, and front with from, pants pocket.
It was this.” He told me and tipped a shiny silver bullet out from the container. He held it out so I could see it.
No.” I stammered, “It c-can’t be…. How?”
After the feel unconscious the bullet, basically, just popped out. You are a very fascinating creature, you are.”
No.” I repeated, gasping for air.
If you don’t believe me, take off your shirt.”
I beg your pardon Felix. I’m only eighteen! And your, what, 70?”
Or are you?” He asked, winking at me.
My mouth was once again opened. But this time it was out of disgust.
I am kidding, you know.” He smiled. “Take off your top shirt. You have a singlet underneath.”
Gross, I thought, that means he must have dressed me….
Mmm…” I nodded and pulled off the hideous blue t-shirt.
Turn to the back of it.” Felix instructed.
I did as he had told me and I flipped the t-shirt over.
As soon as I had taken one glance at it I immediately let the shirt drop to the floor.
There was a small one in and back and blood stains all around it.
I cupped my hands over my mouth and whispered, “What am I?”
That, young Samantha James is a mystery I intend to solve.”


The End

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