George is a social loner. He is shunned, avoided and feared by those around him. But then one day he gets a visitor at his front door and his life changes forever.....

Chapter 1

The rain fell thick and fast down on my head, flattening my drenched black hair on my scalp. I didn't care however, actually I rather enjoyed it. I relished being able to walk along the deserted streets without people scurrying away from me, terrified at the sight of the criss-crossing pattern of blue-grey scars that plastered my face and of my icy-blue eyes that stared with deathly cold sharpness at whatever I turned them upon. I splasheed forward along the waterlogged pavement immersed in my thoughts.

For as long as I could remember it had been this way, working in a dead-end job where no-one could see me closely enough to become unnerved by my appearance, living alone in a shabby one room flat and only ever going out at night to get food from the store. Even as a child living in an orphanage I had kept to myself, hiding in my room to avoid scaring the other children. As a result I had had very few friends and acquaintances and I preferred to keep it that way as everyone I got close to had a funny habit of getting hurt in some way.

So I spent my time alone, out of sight, invisible to everyone. Little did I know that all this was about to change.

The End

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